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Mohammed Yousef  ◾️Dream ◾️Believe ◾️Achieve ◾️ ♚ Fitness ➖ WCO L2, Muay Thai, MMA & BJJ ♚ Music➖DJ ♚ Equestrianism ➖Arabian Sport Horse Championship Director


🚀The Grand Finale Schedule 🚀

The only way it could be done 😈

Finish strong.

Post training Sauna & Ice bath session before we headed out into a long night of farewell partying. #Herbaluna

Few things happened in this picture: 1) I convinced @saragreiner to join me for the morning MMA Class. It was her first session and she absolutely loved it. This may have backfired on me as later on that same night she was unleashing combos in the streets of Phuket - one unrecorded instance was her scoring a single leg take down on me on the side of the road .... we created a monster. 2) Coach Dillon @teamcroushorn absolutely killed us in this class; the warm up is enough to throw in the towel and call it a great workout. 3) We seem to be arranged in Small / Medium / Large sizes. Whatever size you choose though; expect a fight until the end.

The beautiful women of Contender Cafe that fed me and kept me healthy during my stay @akathailand. Thank you Kaaaa; I love eating and you didn't judge the frequency or portions I ordered (not to my face at least 😅).

Had SO much fun learning some dynamic MMA drills this morning w/ Coach Dillon @teamcroushorn . MMA is a lot of fun; one second your striking, the next second your grappling, the next your tossing someone in the air or throwing them across the room - maybe your defending a takedown. Three Dimensional Fighting and a different universe. Warming up and conditioning for MMA is the toughest in my opinion, combining exercises from all disciplines and really using every inch of your body as literally ANYTHING can happen at any second and you'd need to react accordingly (on your feet, your back, on top of someone, on the side, under etc). Thank you for a great session.

Great BJJ training this afternoon with Coach @marcio.cesargracinha . Thank you for the drills and new piece of knowledge shared on the mats today. Next time I will manage my schedule more effectively to have time for more BJJ development (which was part of the original plan...). It was a pleasure meeting you and I'll be seeing you soon, sir 🤙🏻.

Postcard from Phuket.

Attended AKA's AirDyne Blaster Class today that was led by @teamcroushorn . This class is the definition of insanity, 30 minutes of full body, heart throbbing, breath taking circuit work that will leave you praying to keep today's breakfast in your body. Had no idea what to expect coming in, but I know this class is something AKA is famous for and has built up the cardio and fitness level of all their professional MMA fighters. It's important to note that I did the regular class that's only 30 mins; the pro fighter one happens 3x a week only and is for one full hour. I was pouring sweat within 10 mins in a room that was freezing.

Keep Discovering. Few things to note about this clip: 1) the reason it starts off red is because I have a red filter on my lens; as I sink deeper into the sea; colours are stripped from light. The first one to go is red. Let me explain in clearer terms - a red card above the sea will look black after a certain depth (it's really cool and trippy when you see that in real life - "but it was just red 5 mins ago!"). The clip starts off red and then adjusts to a beautiful blue and that's basically because the colour red disappeared from the colour spectrum and then reintroduced by the lens to show the true blue colour we know (artificially adding it back to the colour spectrum to show colours as we know it). This also suggests that certain fish may be of different colour to what you THINK you see (especially at deeper levels as more colours get stripped). 2)I did not add any soundtrack so that you can hear the sounds of the Sea - for the most part it's completely silent - just you breathing and the occasional effect of a motored boat passing by somewhere. 3) the Sea is vast and sometimes scary - empty spaces and you floating around in an environment that isn't yours - supported by artificial air. Keeping your mind calm is an art as it can sometimes start playing tricks on you. 4) things are not what they seem - it would appear in the first clip that I'm just under the surface but I am not. I am at least 13m below the surface. One of the most "fascinating" things I see in the dive is when your doing a safety stop at 5metres for 3mins (a lot of times holding onto nothing but trying to stay steady and afloat in your position), the Sea pushes you deep down or pulls you up to the surface all while you think your at 5M (both equally dangerous). That's why I've invested in a Dive Computer that tracks my depth and I adjust accordingly. Do not trust your eyes and as the saying goes in Arabic البحر غضار. (Rough translation: the sea is deceitful). How about that wreck though? Last year I swam through it and explored its cabins; seems part of it collapsed this time so we had to stay on the outside for safety. #keepdoscovering

Creatures of the Sea - Part Two

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