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Zayed Sports City 10KM Marathon Action Shots. Looking ahead & conversing with myself. 49:27 is the new record to beat.

Yesterday did Muay Thai & BJJ sessions @primal.ae . Felt great to be back doing what I love; I was performing some cooling down stretches and mobility movement as my shoulders felt stiff & painful again, meanwhile the team was practicing speed & precision combos.. I got caught in the cross fire 🙌🏻😅 - don’t shoot, I’m injured! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #stickup#surrender#wrongplacewrongtime#gymfail#fail

Spent an incredible afternoon with my friend Hassan. The purpose of the meeting, in addition to catching up and hanging out, revolved around getting a coaching session. Hassan is a certified coach who routinely runs several workshops about leadership, happiness and various other topics that improve the well-being of individuals & improve the quality / efficiency at the workplace. I reached out to Hassan as I was having bottlenecks in achieving certain goals. The last 2 months have been challenging and I was faced w/ many setbacks - physically mostly, but that resulted in a weakened state of my mind & emotions. Despite being an extremely organized / disciplined individual- I can honestly say Hassan broke down all my goals & fears and helped me put together a solid action plan with a realistic timeframe to get me back on track and close to meeting my goals. We constructed diagrams, allocated weights and identified processes that need to be implemented to up my game. I mentioned in an earlier post, that time was scarce and I was struggling keeping up w/ my commitments.. ironically, his opening statement was that time was scarce and a proper schedule needs to be put in place etc. I can happily say that over the course of one hour he managed to remove a huge weight of my chest and I now better understand how to make the best out of my 24hours each day. Unfortunately, I will not be able to share the diagrams and notes we used as they are both private & confidential (would anyone want to publicly display what they disclose in a coaching session?! 😅) - but seriously WOW. On that note, I’d like to conclude by thanking my friend Hassan and saying it’s an honour to have such a friend who took time out of his weekend to meet me and discuss my worries and how I can improve. The word “friend” is a loose term used by people; to me, I have redefined that with clear definition and expectations. To have a friend who values your input, your journey, who is proactive about helping you reach your goals & dreams. Who focuses on building you up, rather than bring you down.That is a rare thing today; very rare. Al Hamdulilah for having meaningful relationships in my life. #coaching

Had a very special guest today come watch me. My sister in law is back from Vienna for a few weeks. She came to watch her daughter (my niece) and I at the dressage competition. There is no substitute for a mother’s love and affection, but I’ve been trying to fill the role of role model for my niece, who as many of you know, has risen to accomplish many great things, and mashallah only at the tender age of 13. I wanted to surprise my sis-in-law by winning the first place and giving her the cup as a gift and a dedication (I had it all played out in my head). It didn’t go as planned sadly: but analyzing the events I realized it reflected her situation. The ease, grace and calmness she displays as she manages her situation. Somehow, and in much simpler terms, represented by my chaotic riding today and my will to stay on and perform a smooth show. So, nevertheless, I dedicate this to you. Being the real champion amongst all of us in the family, surviving, fighting & growing. It was great to have you at the show, and I hope in the future yasmine or I can award you a trophy made of gold. The bare minimum we can present to someone whose taught us a lot about life.

Unfortunately wasn’t my best performance this morning at my dressage competition. Lorde was very stubborn and kept fighting with me as I gave him instructions; I came in 4th out of 6. Although I’m disappointed by the results, I’m very happy with how I handled the situation. Between refusing to canter, stopping, almost falling off and the list of incidents that took place back to back in 5 Mins, I was extremely cool, calm and collected. Handled the disaster with as much grace as one could. Cant help but feel the reason for this was right before I was called and when the butterflies were flying everywhere. I took 3 very deep breaths and exhaled slowly, imagined winning the trophy and repeat I am cool, calm and collected. I didn’t end up winning but I did get 4th out of 6 and was in a super zen state for the duration of the affair. I’m happy to see myself so composed in the midst of a situation gone wrong. Al hamdulilah

I think it is important for us, the Palestinians abroad, to speak up on behalf of the victims of Palestine. To share their stories and pressure governments & businesses to do the right thing and Boycott Israel and every entity that associates with terrorism. It is our moral obligation to stand up for Country, Heritage & Religion.

Post accomplishment group selfie 🤳 . This achievement set the tone for my weekend. Time to get back to the gym and build on this success.

Great to see fellow AKA Thailand supporters and fighters in the UAE. Can’t wait to be back. Whattap @mike_swick @marcbogutzki @lamsongkram @saragreiner @malekpkt @teamcroushorn @thailandsidaka @akathailand . Miss you guys and see you soon for my next fight camp. AKA AKA AKA. Enjoyed watching @josephinetaniee fight - excellent job and thanks for the picture 😅 . I just interrupted her warm up to talk about AKA and Thailand. Hahaha. Sorry..... couldn’t help it!

Weekend plans? Watch our teammates fight for fame and money baby! Fancy restaurants and clubs? I’ll pass - give me a staircase, a bottle of @alainwater and surround me by men and women of honour. That will occupy the next 7h of my life easily. Disclaimer: we may need to change our perfume? 😷

Only the strong survive. Everyone wants to reach the pinnacle but not everyone has what it takes to reach there. This monster just prepared & competed in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam BJJ last week - won silver and came back to another art to dominate 3 fighters and send them to the after life via head kick. Wow. Wow. WOW. You can tell how emotionally involved I was in his journey as my voice single handedly filled up an entire arena.

I’m in the works to launch MOYO’s Podcast; excuse me for the amateur video but until I link up with professionals - I will be broadcasting topics of interest to me filmed & edited by myself. The content will reflect themes that mean a lot to me. It is an absolute HONOUR to have the first episode be of my teammate, friend & mentor Mohammed Ratib Khateeb @jumbooo691 . This man took me under his wing within the first hour at my new home @primal.ae . He schooled me and continue to share his knowledge on a daily basis. Spent the day tracking his fights. 3 tough fights over a course of 12hrs; 3 brutal knock outs via head kick - 3 tough fighters went to sleep at the spot via SHIN power. Amazing. Thrilling. Inspirational. It’s an added honour to have him as a Palestinian brother. Representing Palestine’s strength & ethic. Big things coming for this man, and big things coming for me as I get schooled to kill under his mentorship . Congratulations brother. You earned it. You wear the crown now. Long Live the King. Long Live Palestine. Mashallah and Alf Mabrook. You made your gym proud, your family proud and your country proud. Hats off to an impeccable performance and a sensational will to win and fight despite being exhausted. I saw you die and come back to life multiple times today. You are a true warrior.#alfmabrook #moyospodcast#podcast

Next up comes the ultimate challenge (for me). 21KM Marathon in Ras Al Khaimah. Nervous but being surrounded by these champs makes me look forward to bag another giant achievement. Inshallah.

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