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Mohammed Yousef  ◾️Dream ◾️Believe ◾️Achieve ◾️ ♚ Fitness ➖ WCO L2, Muay Thai, MMA & BJJ ♚ Music➖DJ ♚ Equestrianism ➖ASHC Finance & Sponsorship Director

Incredible party hosted by @fadelbel @mandoush_ . Thank you 🔥🔥 #theloveparade

Beirut, Lebanon

First to arrive - we ready for the week ahead 🔥🔥 #belmandy


If the pain isn't enough then make sure to add humiliation to the equation. Ridicule, exaggerated & loud laughter, finger pointing are attempts to embarrass / humiliate / annoy the opponent in front of a watching crowd; these gestures are common in Muay Thai. Try not to fall prey to these mind games and don't forget to chase your opponent, brushing them off, asking them to come to you (showing that your not scared / phased) & make them pay for their futile efforts.

Man on a mission.

Wasn't my best day today. I was running on 4h of sleep, a crazy work day. I battled with myself to make it to the gym, I was exhausted but had an objective in mind. I second guessed this move every single second on my way there. I napped in my car for 30mins in hopes that would do the trick. I warmed up, feeling off, got to 2KM jog and was thinking about my left knee, trying to move it the way @oanaruxandra told me I should, there was a slight ache, I was tired, I was sweating from the heat and forgot my towel at home. Decided to cut this short and head back home, no surprise, was feeling guilty and beating myself up on the way home... only to find out that my shipment from @mmawarehouse has arrived! Check out my latest @hayabusacombat @badboybrands gear!! Put the biggest smile on my face. Muay Thai Shorts, MMA shorts, rash guard, casual T shirt & my favorite of all, my Hayabasu Goorudo 3rd Generation Gold Weave Gi, with a beautiful emblem on the left shoulder saying "Respect - Tradition - Courage -Strength - Honor". OSSSSSS 😍🤙🏻🤙🏻

Body a bit stiff and not as fluid & relaxed as I hope it to be. It's still work in progress but content landing power shots. Went on for 2.5h straight - between partner work outs, private training & sparring - so guess endurance is improving as well 👊🏻

Condition my abs 😢

Touch Gloves

Reaction & Conditioning Drills - torch fat, increase endurance and stamina, build strength & Speed. Develop those fast twitch muscles and evade incoming 👊🏻

The difference between those who spend their life wishing for things (they think they deserve for no reason other than being born into this world) & those that achieve their dreams is the level of work they put into their dreams. The work ethic, showing up day after day, repeating the work, no matter what, irrespective of the lack of sleep or if they've been partying for 10 straight hours the day before. They show up, ready and committed to learn from those who want to share their knowledge. They surround themselves with like minded individuals who push them day by day and leave a positive mark on their lives. That level of friendship, the quality of the friendship is all that matters. I entered a cage for the first time of my life today (15/07/17); my first words were woooooow; I said it with a giant smile and a lot of anxiety at the same time. I was humbled and intimidated but excited at the same time. I moved around and imagined myself in there, being watched, fighting for my life and honor with no escape, trapped like an animal with no way out but force. I loved it. My body loved it. It trembled with anxiety and excitement. I knew then that I will fight in a cage, but that the road ahead was a long one that will require a lot of hard work and dedication to meet that goal. That's ok though, because I'm the man who chooses the impossible feats and sets out to conquer them. I will fight in a cage. I will fight in a cage. I will fight in a cage.

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