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Gud nite all .still on the matter
Dress slayer ----------------@tomisin22

The blue gown sha

Blue dress slayer ---------@tomisin22

My lady in the red dress, 
Having more curves than a coke cola bottle, 
Sending my temperature up faster than a space shuttle, 
And making me feel hotter than a kettle, 
I'm thinking of what to do because i can't remain settle.
She's walking pass me and capturing my attention, 
Giving me mixed signals making fatal reaction, 
This lady is truly my distraction. 
She is matching everywhere, 
From her head to her toes, 
And swinging her hair like a model in hollywood tv shows. 
From her red painted lips, 
To her sexy hips. 
Where was I when God created this, 
Devine beauty, 
Extraordinary human being, 
Now she is wearing a colour which makes her outstanding, 
A colour of bold, 
Telling some many secrets it never told, 
I'm wondering if she is warm or cold, 
Because i would blindly give her my heart to hold. 
This lady in the red dress, 
She is my distraction, 
The catalyst to my every chemical reaction, 
The answer to my love confusion. 
She is my call to my distress, 
I just really love this woman, 
The lady in the red dress.
And the lady in red dress-----------@tomisin22

Beautiful and elegant
In their jewelry, gowns, and dresses
They sparkle with such radiance
Moonbeams wouldn't be able to catch up with
their beauty

From a short distance away
Lost in the shadows
Lost in the darkness
I cast my gaze over to them all
And my 
How they look so pretty and beautiful
They're a sight I have to pay respect to
They're a sight I have to admire
For what it's worth
On a night like this

The night is calling out to you ladies
This night for you all could be once in a lifetime

I'm waiting for the stars to appear
As I continue on my nightly walk
I'm just waiting for them to appear
Nightingales sing throughout the night
Their many songs, I can hear

To the girls in the beautiful gowns and elegant
Dance and party the night away if you do so choose
You all have nothing to lose

For you all, my dears
Part of the night belongs to you all
Part of the night belongs to me
Some of the stars are looking down on you all
Some of the stars are looking out for me

Golden lights will be waiting for all of us
In due time
I'm sure Gown slayer -----------@Tomisin22
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Happy B-Day to my long tym instagram friend wishing u all the best in ur new age.

Birthday darling-------@fikewa

Another of the abaya lady.


And last for today good evening.

The cherub---------@_miss_tosin

Changing her looks like I made her.

The cherub-----------@_miss_tosin

I am a little pink flower
My petals so extremely small
I 've stood in the grass for many an hour
Enjoying a breeze most of all

But, oh, what happened to my peers! 
Just yesterday, it moved me to tears
While the children of John were playing their game
My peers were trampled to death, what a shame

When just before that, some bigger flowers were damaged
The children were scolded badly by John
But when my brothers were ravaged
It was noticed, sadly, by none

Today, however, I had a reason to smile
A nerd, or so he must be
Looked at this little purplish flower, a while
And took a picture of me

Even if tomorrow, to the worst of my fears
I have to die, as yesterday my peers
I will do so happily
since someone has seen the beauty in me.
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The cherub----@_miss_tosin

About the face of the living things lord .@9iceofficial

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