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It's the #GloMegaMusicTour.
#Abeokuta Rmd is here, Catch me if u can.

Being on the #Glomegamusic tour and lafta fest has given me a chance to observe the youth culture, their knows, hows and every inspiring thing in between. As disappointing and underwhelming a lot of the youth you encounter today can be, you find the ones who surprise, inspire and prove they really can be the change we need. The number of start ups and their successes cannot be overlooked. From the ones we read about and the ones we don't even know about but are changing the narrative from Entertainment to Agriculture to Technology, we have another phenomenal change waiting to happen. I do see a correlation between the strides in Media and Entertainment, Technology, Agriculture and Politics. The drivers of growth are younger people from entertainers to geeks. These driven young people have somewhat created the redefinition of a middle class.
The call for restructuring and the new flame of all kinds of PATRIOTISM is not a fluke. France manifested in Macron and it just makes u wonder where this SPRING or this "something that is about to happen" will snowball into and I am optimistic that irrespective of the craziness, shallow-mindedness and shocking manifestation(s) of some of our youth, we have enough driven, inspired and inspiring go-getters who will fly where we crawled, win where we lost, stand victorious where we fled and create where we destroyed. This is to every young, hardworking, driven person who is being the change and bringing the light in their sphere. You will do exploits and conquer territories. #KeepWalking
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His was the first birth I witnessed. That phenomenon is amazing. I had heard of knees buckling so I was ready. I stilled myself for the moment and passed the test. I was a proud father when he was handed over to me in the very early hours of July 8th 2001. I gave him back to his mom went outside to make the calls to family and -boom- it happened. My knees buckled and I slid to d ground like a boneless bag of rags. I believe I was talking to @delemomoduovation when that happened.
That baby has grown into a fine young boy @tega_the_giant. He is kind, has generosity of spirit, wants to save the world and is the life of the party. As far as 16 year old boys go, Tega is probably the wisest and most compassionate of them all. While other teenagers are stuck on lifestyle and music channels, this one lives on Discovery, History and Animal Planet channels and comes up with the deepest, "isn't he too young to worry about things like this" conversations. Outside of basket ball which is the center of his life, I don't think he likes anything more than he loves dogs and animals in general and I am actually proud he intends to save the world and "all the animals in it".😊
My prayer for you today son, is that you will never lose the essence of who you are and that the beauty of your heart and soul will never depart from you. Tegs, all your dreams will come true and you will be greater than any of us ever can ever think or imagine. I love you to pieces. Happy birthday son.

I woke up this morning feeling like superman and thought to myself that I would sit down and respond to every message I got yesterday, then it hit me that I probably would not get round to responding to everyone till my 60th birthday because this year, I have had what may be the most beautifully overwhelming birthday ever. The outpouring of love and accolades from family, friends, colleagues, business associates, mentees, protégés, bloggers and fans. From texts, DMs, social media posts, calls, etc, I saw it all and I am super grateful and thankful that I have such an amazing support system. My prayer for you today is that love and celebration never lack in your lives and may you live long in good health as you continually increase on every side in Jesus name, Amen.

Patoranking's "Nobody wey nor fit to make am o" is the apt theme song for my life as I celebrate my 56th birthday today. From Welfare Road Warri, Delta State to the Silver Screen, it's been an often times surreal experience that anyone who has made it from a similar place of obscurity can relate to. I believe my journey, like most journeys to greatness usually start from self belief. It's hard for me to believe I have done 34 years post graduation. There's been struggles, uncertainties, living abroad seeking greener pastures, returning home, businesses have risen, flourished and some fallen.
There's been a marriage, a painful death, another blessed marriage, joyous births and more academic pursuits and degrees. There's been my sojourn in government for 8 years, the birth of my precious grandchildren and the return that was first scary till I felt the overwhelming love and support of my ever growing fan base. What a journey. What a packed 56years. I am indeed grateful and thankful. No, I didn't wake up like this (as RMD), No, I didn't always know that I would "make it". It's been Faith, Hard work, Self development and more work. But above all I have been more graced than my efforts could ever have done which is why in this journey, God is my ride or die and today I return all the glory to Him.

Thank you Dallas, it's been a great time @theafricanfilmfestival 2017 Thank you for crowning me the legend of African cinema and @bigobipresents thank you for the surprise pre-birthday party. God bless you. It's been amazing but home beckons 😊

Dallas we are here! Like the true warri boy will say, I de d Area o. #TAFF #TAFFEST #VOA #KERA #BIGOBI #FILMDALLAS #RMDSAYSSO

Making a living is a blessing, Doing what you love and making a living out of it is a greater blessing. My life as an actor has been a gift and a blessing and I pray for you today that your journey will lead you to blessings that are greater than you ever thought or imagined. Eid Mubarak. #crossroadsthemovie #rmdtheactor#tusholopa#chrisiheuwa

Brooooooo. Brother mine! So so many things to say and tell these young ones that haven't seen half of what we have seen. So much to teach them about Loyalty•Consistency•Dedication to craft•Family(what it really means) and Life in general. So much to talk about the audacity to believe and loving who you are and what you represent but in a world where most people worship money, I wonder if anyone is listening, anyways.
I have watched you hold on and not let go even when no one else believed. I know and respect the depth of your passion for everything good and upright and it makes me proud to be associated with you.
I have actually stopped doing "this" on this platform but knowing you and how much you do out here, pressing on and hoping that just maybe you will convert just one more person to doing right, I opted to break my own rule this one time because you, ATUYOUNTA
are family and FAMILY trumps all rules.... Happy birthday my brother @alibabagcfr

23rd June is finally on us (okay, literally) -lol-. I promise you, you'll really love this one. Let's all go out this weekend and see #10DaysInSuncity. It's time to make more history as the biggest box office opening weekend film.

When I was younger, I looked at my dad as very old and now, In a changing world when 70 (years old) is the new 40, I wonder how my kids look at me-lol-. I am grateful I can relate better with my children, have conversations rather than just give orders/instructions, have them run up to me when I get home rather than run off into their rooms.
I have resolved to evolve with them, watch trends closely and keep finding ways to keep up with them without losing the values I hold dear and want to impart in them.
To every father providing not just financially but also providing the love, acceptance, emotional and spiritual stability their children need. To every father looking for ways to win or retain the confidence of their children in a changing world. To every father striving at being a better dad than our fathers were. To every father who has resolved to raise their kids better than our parents did, I say Happy Father's Day and I pray for you today that God will furnish you exceedingly and abundantly with all the wisdom and resources you require to be the father your family needs. God bless you all.

Looking forward to tomorrow like "Let's do this". Loaded Saturday with the exclusive screening of @aycomedian 's #10daysinsuncity then its #GloMegaMusicTour at Eko Hotel VI. #catchmeifyoucan #GloMegaMusicTour #glonigeria #gloworld #glowwithglo

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