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红花  I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist. @moemoebaozi’ s boyfriend 😈 Our YouTube ⭐️👇


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#魔道祖师 #modaozushi #WeiWuXian #魏无羡
但修鬼道不修仙,任你千军万马,十方恶霸,九州奇侠,高岭之花, 但凡化为一抔黄土,统统收归旗下,为我所用,供我驱策!


Trying to do BTS make up look 😆 we love Idol and Fake Love so much ~ which members do you think we look like 😘😘#bts

#loveislove 🌈
Being a gay is not wrong , being a couple who loves each other ,being yourself &loveing yourself is definitely not wrong too.
I have never ever regretted to fall in love with a man like Baozi , He made me confident to be myself , be a gay.

All homophobia people, I have came out with Baozi for a lone time , even my parents my mom allowed me to love a man , What qualifications do you have to accuse me?

I show our love in our Ig, because I want to tell more people like us , you are not alone , you deserve to be loved .

In my life I have encountered countless doubts, countless homophobic attacked me , but I have never been afraid, because I have never changed, and I believe that love will win in the end.
I have been in love with Baozi for seven years, I always believe that love can overcome everything, and hate can not.

Never regretted , never changed , I love Baozi , I love myself.

Tencount wedding version 💒

#blackbutler #kuroshitsuji
Sebastian :Baozi

Testing Flowerknows KingyoHanabi lipsticks is good for kissing or not ?! They said I looked like a seme in here lol 😂😂

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