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红花  I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist. @moemoebaozi’ s boyfriend 😈 Our YouTube ⭐️👇

【Comic Fiesta Preorder】


预售活动:每满RM100,即可获得现场抽奖卡一张,抽取Comic Fiesta特别非卖赠品!(多买多送,上不封顶)

预售说明:预售只针对可以参加Comic Fiesta的粉丝~产品将现场付款与领取,详细请参考Google Form~为了保证您可以买到产品!请务必参加我们的预售哦~! 预售Google Form:


我们会尽快回复的~ ◆◆◆◇◇◇ Preoeder Period: 12 Dec 2018 8pm - 20 Dec 2018 8pm

Preorder Event: Every RM100 spent, you are entitled to one lucky draw at Comic Fiesta, the gifts are limited edition (not sold). The more you spent the more you get, NO LIMITS!

Preorder rules: Only for those who are coming to Comic Fiesta~ You will be paying and picking up from us on the spot, for details please check the Google Form~ To ensure you can get the merchandise you want, do preoeder~

Link to Preorder's Google Form:

Other than the merchandise we preorder, we have some poster and other merchandise selling on spot! Please come and find us~ We are at PA01-02~

Any question, please comment down below! XD
We will reply ASAP~

#lingqi #soulcontract #SpiritPact ❤️❤️


我们新的《灵契》明信片将在CF贩售哦(●°u°●)​ 」听说大家喜欢收集明信片,这次做了三款新明信片,有灵契,tencount wedding,私服集合~CF虽然不会有flowerknows,但还请小伙伴们多多支持我们两的周边呀\(//∇//)\

Flowerknows new Coven’s Velvet Liquid lipstick — BloodMoon/Lover/Secret/BadApple/Candle/Reborn ✨✨

Flowerknows new Coven’s eyeshadows is coming soon ⭐️我们的化妆品牌Flowerknows最新女巫集会系列单色眼影将在双十二正式上线✨

Flowerknows new Coven’s eyeshadows is coming soon ⭐️我们的化妆品牌Flowerknows最新女巫集会系列单色眼影将在双十二正式上线✨

Flowerknows new Coven’s eyeshadows is coming soon ⭐️我们的化妆品牌Flowerknows最新女巫集会系列单色眼影将在双十二正式上线✨

Flowerknows new Coven’s Velvet Liquid lipstick — Lover/Secret/BadApple/Candle/Rebron ✨✨
你最pick哪个颜色呢! I love Reborn the most 😆

Flowerknows new Coven’s Velvet Liquid lipstick — BloodMoon 🌙 is coming soon ✨

你们要求的快新!😂~包子真的很喜欢很喜欢《名侦探柯南》!最喜欢的角色就是基德😆在制作过程中他就非常期待今天😂 虽然一开始有点无法想象自己的新一,但我还是陪他一起现场cos了他最喜欢的动画~希望大家也喜欢我们今天的cosplay!

As you requested, finally we did KaitouKid x Shinichi. Baozi really loves KaitouKid and he has been expecting this day for so long! Though I could not imagine that I will cos Shinich one day, I still cos with him, as this is his favorite anime! We really hope that you will like our cosplay this time!

#怪盗キッド #kaitoukid #KudouShinichi #DetectiveConan
今天在台上也说了一些很感伤的话😭事实上今年对我们来说是非常艰难的一年,创业和生活的压力,我们越来越没有时间来看动画,出cos,今年真的是我们cos作品最少的一年…为我们两的公司忙碌的这两年,有时候我真的会觉得很害怕😢也会觉得非常对不起因为cosplay喜欢我们的粉丝😢 I said sth sad on the stage today, actually this year is quite a difficult year for us. We faced so much pressure when starting up our own business and we have lesser time to watch anime, this year we had fewer cosplay photoshoots. These two years, I am really afraid and I feel so sorry for those fans who loved us because of our cosplay.

但是这次回到新加坡,看到那么多熟悉的面容真的让我特别感动,谢谢你们等了我们一整年😢 现在的我们正在经历成长的压力,但是我们真的很爱很爱新加坡,很想念新加坡的每一个粉丝,很怀念在这里的三年时光😢但是我也不会再说出“请不要忘记我们”😢我知道即使现在距离已经那么远了,我们的羁绊依旧很深😭!
下次见!But this time when I returned to Singapore, I saw so many familiar faces and I am so touched, thank you for waiting for us so long. Now we are striving and fighting with all kinds of pressure, but we really love Singapore so much and we miss everyone here. I really miss the three years that we had spent in Singapore. I will not say “Please don’t forget us” as I understand that we are already far apart. No matter how far is the distance, we will always be together. See you next time!

大家明天见!see u tomorrow, good night ✨✨

See you in AFASG day1😆😆😆~~~~remember to support Flowerknows booth >< !

Flowerknows new eyeshadow and Velvet lipstick - Coven is coming soon ✨ the queen of witches ✨

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