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红花  I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist.

My classmate of primary school~~ it's coincidence that we meet in Sydney again ~~ she is an amazing cosplayer too 😌😌

Let's test Flowerknows lipgloss and see the durability of it 😝😝😝(so shy !!!!

See you in Smash Sydney tomorrow ~ we will do Yuri and Victor cosplay~ so nervous because we don't know if any people know us in Australia 😂😂 fighting !!!

Please ,I want the Flowerknows lipgloss ❤️

I go hard 👌


Good morning ~My hair color become gray 🤣🤣 wanna dye to pink again ! Today we went shopping and bought many make up things~ so happy but tired 😴 we need to sleep now 😂

#toukenranbu #和泉守兼定

Kane San de su 👌👌

新的特典签名照正式公开,只要购买花知晓新品唇釉,高光修容即可免费赠送,更多讯息请关注weibo:flowerknows花知晓 这次造型的灵感大概是[霸道总裁和他的小娇妻www],其实是[擦肩而过的包花突然四目相对,花花我主动诱惑包子,却在kiss的途中偷走了包子领口的flowerknows唇釉哈哈哈哈],特地也以这个造型录了个小广告视频,会在下周正式开始预售的时候公开,也会发到fb上,大家千万要关注一下我们的[不存在的]演技哈哈哈~~

New special autographed photo officially revealed, buy the new lip gloss & the highlight and contour palette from Flower Knows and get it for free, for more information follow Weibo: flowerknows花知晓. The inspiration for this set of photo is probably [CEO and his little wife www], actually it's [BaoziHana who walked pass each other and had eye contact, Hana, I who seduce Baozi, but stole the flower knows lip gloss that was in Baozi's front pocket while kissing hahahaha] We also filmed a promotional video according to this make up, it will be revealed during the official pre-order period. It will also be uploaded to Facebook, everyone please do pay attention to our [non existent] acting skills hahaha~~

Rose mousse

Cherry red 🍒

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