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Moises Carranza 

... and you cant eat snails

... a word that gets thrown around by todays cooks/chefs is "old school" ... actually most of it is classic french techniques.. easy to judge but no idea how to execute .. busting out 100 of this in short time with small knife and hand only with precision

the cooking part is easy .. learning formulas and the science of each ingredient is the hard part .. never too old to learn! .. for ever thankful to chef

... not a choice but a dicipline .. if you talk you must back it up and stay humble!
Dragonoff, kolishnokov, spetsnaz

Popocatlepec .. Mexicos famous volcano plus most importanlty a hidden mickey !

Fav celebrity chefs ..

.. salmon ceviche, aňejo tequila agave marinade, sweet peppers, cilantro, red onions, fresh lime, lemon oil, pickled habanero

.. ramen soup, black sesame, burnet garlic, soft poach egg, pork ... delish dont nock it untill you try it !

nopalitos fun food .. took my Mom's classic humble recipe and added a small modern twist of my own .. cilantro pesto, crispy prosciutto ham, feta cheese .. not knowing if it would work .. delish!

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