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Nathan B  SFX Make Up Artist, Distance Runner, Body Modification Collector, Graduate:Tom Savini's School for Special FX

What did you do this weekend? Oh, I visited hell... and I also helped put on an amazing show with my family from @moroseandmacabre Atrocity Exhibition!

Happy Earth Day all. Remember to take care of this planet... there is no planet B.

A very fitting film to watch on #internationalwomensday To all you strong, amazing women out there, thank you!

Me today... Dealing with a lot. But everytime I do, I get stronger. It's hard... but I welcome the challenge.

I have learned this lesson a lot this past year. Do your job to the best of your ability... and know your own worth.

My mood today. I know I make mistakes, and have a lot of personal battles I am facing... but I am a superior MFer, and I deserve the respect that I have earned through hard work, disciple and sacrafice.

Always Keep Fighting

I have made a lot of mistakes. Done some stupid stuff. But I have also done a lot of good things.
I am human, and I choose to learn and grow, from both my triumphs as well as my failures.
I do it for myself. Not the praise of others, recognition, or reward.

This is my motto for 2017!

Merry Christmas to all.....

Just keep running, just keep running. Just keep running, running, running....

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