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It’s that time.. Time to focus on REAL human interaction, being present in daily life and building true relationships with people. Social media has continued to become more and more toxic and its come to a point for me where I want to surround myself with real people not an idea of who people are based on what perception they decide to give to the public. Social media definitely has its place and for me, currently, it has just run it course. I’ve decided to retire all social media indefinitely. I’m not sure if, or when I will use it again. I’m not saying never but I’m also not giving a time frame bc that would lead to expectation and I truly have none when it comes to this. I am ready to focus on life in itself. Thank you to those who have supported me in this and those I have met through here. I will leave this up temporarily however any contact can be made through the email link button on my profile for those who do not have my personal number. I will continue to do online training so for inquiries please use the email address. #theend

Looking for answers outside of your own mind can sometimes beat you down even further. Trust yourself.

Well, my I unintentionally lost 15lbs in the last few weeks. Hopefully clearer thinking and focus can bring it back. Nothing worse than being your own demise.


Just trying to feel human.

I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason.” I have had the most difficult time of my life this past year+ for multiple reasons. But you’ve got to come from the bottom to appreciate what you’ve got when you get to the top. It has taken some time but things are starting to fall into place and make a little more sense. Just be patient. This is something I’ve always been terrible with. As time passes I’m learning the value of it and doing my best to put it to good use. All that being said, I’m looking forward to the future and seeing just what unfolds. Oh, and I seem to be acquiring more and more dress clothes, which I’m completely ok with. 😏 #confidence #dresstoimpress #firstimpressions #patienec #tattooed #guyswithtattoos #facetattoo #pride #loveyourself #lasvegas #lasvegasstrip #losangeles #la #oakland

Caught in the act, of sleeping that is. I’ve been super busy w work lately and trying to get into a routine. I’ve had some really late nights lately, and haven’t made it to the gym in almost a week. Sometimes your priorities need to be realigned in order to survive. My focus rn is the hustle. I’m becoming a new me, I can feel it happening and it’s a great feeling something that I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever felt before. This time is mine, and I’m not going to stop until I make shit happen. Hopefully I can get into the gym soon! I honestly don’t kno where I would be rn without this girl laying next to me, I fucking love her to death. #lasvegas #lasvegasstrip #sleep #oldeenglishbulldogge #mybabygirl #love

Been a few days. Gym has been In frequent as well as eating. Unhappy w this look but I’m alive. Can’t wait to get back in a routine. I miss the weights. But if you’re in Vegas come see me tonight at @foundationroomlasvegas I’ll be there all night! #lasvegas #lasvegasstrip #foundationroom #ck #calvinklein #tattoo #tattooedguys

No particular reason. I’ve just been feeling the color blue lately. It’s strange, bc I’ve been anti blue for so long. #whocares #selfie #justliketherest #blue #calvinklein #boston #lasvegas #lasvegasstrip #losangeles

The finisher from todays back workout w @jwatsonlbff. If you pay close attention to my left side you’ll notice I’m having issues. almost as if I can’t do the movement properly. Well, I had a hard time a this honestly. My left side the one that’s super fucked up rn and when pulling w my scapula I felt what seemed to be a rope under my left scalp and wrapping around almost from shoulder, around back to underarm and back up my chest. It was pretty brutal and definitely proved I had to pay more attention. It did work but I’m glad we did these today bc it shed more light on what my issues may be. So don’t be afraid to try something new or GET CREATIVE in the gym, use your brain and you may just surprise yourself. You can never go wrong w controlled movements. #lvac #lasvegas #lasvegasstrip #ironcvlt #sd #sandiego

Trying to make it a point in this new city of mine, to get out more with friends. To enjoy life, discover new things and new people. Come upon interests I may never knew I had. I spent the last 12 years secluding myself, isolating myself just after I got clean and sober. Initially it was to keep me from bars and temptation. Additionally it was to appease the person I was with and to in no way make them uncomfortable. My life turned into strictly being built around pleasing my significant other. This in turn had an extreme effect on my social anxiety, and to be honest I feel like it did more damage than it ever did good. I’ve spent countless hours analyzing things. I deserve to enjoy life and to be myself. Just like everyone else. I kno, it’s a lot of information for a typical mirror selfie. But these are the things that go through my head on a daily basis. Hope it made some sense. #lasvegas #lasvegasstrip #beyourself #doyou #standupforyourself #beyourself

I get a lot of shit bc I always post photos shirtless, like I just walk around and take my shirt off before I take a photo. Truth is, I never wear a shirt when I’m not out in public. Rain, snow, summer, winter, doesn’t matter. Never a shirt on. So no I don’t take “shirtless pics” intentionally or just do it for attention. I take them bc that’s what I look like at that moment. Besides, I work hard to look half way descent. I’m not ashamed of it. #shirtless #selfie #lasvegas #lasvegasstrip #tattoo #guyswithtattoos #tattooedguys #scar

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