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Justin  🇺🇸Veteran Las Vegas, NV @ironcvlt @the.iron.union

Finisher for @jwatsonlbff and I tonight. Been throwing in some super sets and giant sets here and there to switch things up. Step out of your comfort zone #lvac #lasvegas #fitness #theironunion

I have had a lot of shit on my mind lately, which is putting it lightly. I get lost in my thoughts, and even more in my emotions. I’m a very emotionally driven human being. I’ve always lead w my heart instead of my head. As time goes on I’m beginning to wonder if my thought process in that was wrong from the beginning. I thought that If you showed love and compassion, dedication and commitment that those things would be returned at some point. I’ve gotten to the point where the reserve for those things are about to run out. I’ve always put others first. Whom ever I am with at the time gets everything from me. I willingly sacrifice things for the happiness of others. I’m beginning to wonder why. I’m beginning to see that no one else is putting me first, so that’s my job. I need to put myself before anyone. I always saw this as being selfish but what I’m seeing is that maybe there needs to be a little of that in order to make yourself happy. Bc wo that you will only carry resentment. I’m tired of being number two. It has to be about me now.

A little throwback for you. These days served their purpose. The thoughts and ideals will never leave my soul. I just don’t look good in skinny jeans anymore. #throwbackthursday #tbt #punksnotdead #riot #punksunite

Everything about my day made me want to come, nothing about my motivation backed that up. But I came, and it was chest day. On days like today, I work what I enjoy. It’s my reward for actually making it in.

Transformation Tuesday? Been a min.. #transformationtuesday #transformation #littleguy #fitness #meathead

Rise and shine. and no, I’m not awake yet. #sunday

Starting to feel like I’m putting some weight back on, it’s a good feeling. There’s one thing I can say, the gym has never failed me. #work

Yep, it was another fucking day.

You HAVE to pick yourself up. Bc no one will ever be around long enough to do it for you.

Mildly heavy chest tonight. Chest is def one of the muscle groups where I’d like a partner. I feel like I could def push myself further that way. Any takers? #lvac #lasvegas #modified6x6 #fitness #motivation

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