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Virtual hugs and these flowers for all my gorgeous followers . Sharing this purchase is “ bit of shokhapan “ but bare with me , this was my first high street designer purchase and it sat in my closet for 2 years as I was too scared to (kharab ) damage it . But once I got over that silly thought it was sitting my room on the floor for straight two weeks . What a come back ahen . Moral@of the story don’t get intimated by items , rather seek for solid characters . Did it even make sense 🤷🏽‍♀️. Much love how is Saturday going ? I have binge watched my favs on Netflix #madeline sipped @nizaswondertea . What is your fav comfort films ?

#ootd today #nomakeup as I wanted to give my eye rest off concealer 🤭, and as you can see I have done my shopping for end of school year gifts, the kind lady , @accessorize was very kind to wrap each gift individually for the teachers . I seriously ow awful lot to the teachers of my children they work so hard all year looking after our children . Now I need to sort out the cards . You can watch my #igtv video how they are wrapped so beautifully . And let me tell what they are most of them are Saira ki stone necklaces .

#selfacceptance is the first step towards your success , because it comes with a lot of reality checks and also it widens your perception on life .

Brace yourself for my DIY ootd , this primark maxi button down dress was more like kaftan style and I wasn’t having it with short sleeves , so I inspected that the sleeves had quite a bit of folded fabric . So with a bit of an effort I unlocked the seams and open the sleeves and sew them back on again and they are perfect for this heat . Same old pleated trousers from eBay . Not an ad . I love the way this dress gives so many kameez vibes . Ignore my dressing table mess.

Believe in your capabilities , that is the first and the foremost step . #ootd #hijabfashion #minimalism

It’s good to be in control of your life , or sometimes think that’s the case the least . Otherwise other people will control it for you . The earlier is better . Sending you all positives vibes and energy to all the mamas out there . #ootd ps I made my first #Igtvvideo today . Hope you all visit and let me know of your suggestions as in terms of mini Videos .

This heat wave is not my cup of tea . Sorry sun your can go back now . #july #heatwave

Finally managed to get my mehndi done on second day of #Eid .

#eidmubarak2018 to all of those who are celebrating today . My Eid started at 6:40am when I woke up after a long hours of preparations / cooking and then collapsed in bed while putting my children to sleep , that my trousers need fixing so I spend 2 hours fixing my grara as I am 5ft4 and grara was all the way up to my neck 🤪. Frustrating part was when I fixed it and all happy that wao I have accomplished something only to find out anan ! One side was an inch longer and being a bloody perfectionist nop I couldn’t settle for that , I unpicked the stitches again and attached the bottom with the trousers part . So after that I prepared food and got children ready and in between all that I manage to find time to get my outfit pictures taken . Alhumdulillah our day was filled with so much fun with yummy food . This is only concealer makeup as I don’t use any foundation as of yet . #eidselfie

Eid Mubarak fro me and mine to you and yours . Just faking a pose . #eid2018 #psseid

#June may Allah accept our attempts to become better if his servants Ameen . The last ten days of the beloved month approaching fast and in these last ten days let’s make double the effort and reach our goals in Emaan . #june

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