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Ottawa/Gatineau Woodworking  - Owner: Kyle Beaulieu - Custom wood furniture/decor - Minimalist rustic-modern style - DM or Email for quotes or info - Email: info@ModestMaking.ca


I got some goodies in the mail today. Upping my clamp game that much more! Thanks @busybeetools! I guess it's time to get back into the shop and start doing some work now.

I don't know what was harder, doing this accent wall or taking a picture of it for Instagram. The joys of using a 35mm prime lens in a small space. Fun fact, this is actually 6 pictures in 1. Neat right? Now about the wall. This wall behind our washer and dryer has been empty and missing something for a while now. After the girlfriend painted the entire bathroom, we decided it would be a good time to finish everything. It's not too much work to do something like this but it really makes a big difference. I'm really pleased with the end result. The panels on the wall are on there for good but the shelf is held in by friction so it can be removed if we need access behind the machines so it's not only aesthetically pleasing, it's also functional!

Mistakes happen. I'm nearing the end of building this king-sized bed project I've been working on for a while now. Large projects and small shops make things quite interesting to say the least. This is a small mistake, and one that will never be seen or compromise the integrity, so it's not that bad. This is a reminder to me that it doesn't matter if it's the first step, the last step, or any step in between. Each task you do, should always be considered important and attention to detail should always be priority. This happened because my dowel jig moved when I clamped it down, but I didn't notice until after I drilled the hole. So I had to do a couple new holes. Easy fix and adding a good reminder which holes to use. The good side is I'm just about to start the finishing touches on this bed and will be delivered/installed soon. I'm really excited to see this finished. After this, I have a lot of little projects to catch up on. Tons of coasters and door stops, and anything else that is really small and easy to make.

While working on a larger project that takes a long time and really isn't anything I can take pictures of, I figured I'd take a quick break from it and do a little home reno/deco weekend-project. I started this last weekend but won't be done until next weekend, so that still qualifies as a "weekend-project" right? Hopefully I'll be able to post the completed picture soon!

Using my new sander to make a small chamfer on these little legs. Making a couple dog bowl stands for fun so I'm experimenting with new techniques. For this, I'm using my miter gauge on the sander's platform, which is at 45 degrees. I think they turned out pretty nice considering. I think I'll use this technique in future builds!

Trying out my new @ridgidpowertools spindle sander. So far I really like it for what I'm using it for. No more hand-sanding those curves!! Wrapping some sandpaper around a wine bottle gets really old really fast. Fun fact, I was actually sanding when I took this picture. There was dust flying and slowly destroying my camera that much faster, but due to the shutter speed and flash, it looks like it's not moving. So I could have just faked "sanding" and come out with the same exact picture without the dust... oh well.

To chamfer or to round over. That is the question. I am building a "Japanese-esk" style bed for one of my clients and have a bit of a dilemma. The top of the bed frame has a kind of platform style. I'm torn between rounding over the corners or chamfering them. So I took a couple of scrap pieces, chamfered one side, and rounded over the other. This way I can compare what it will look like side-by-side. Comment below with what kind of corners you prefer, chamfers or round overs.

Here is a rear shot of the pink shelf. You can see the alternating dowel plugs from the back. I alternated the grain direction of the shelves to give it a more even-look. I'm really happy with how it turned out and already have plans for another one (or more). Can't wait! I just have a couple other projects to do first...

This shelf was finished a little bit ago and making it's way to it's new home tomorrow so I figured I'd take a picture and post the final results. It's kind of hard to take a picture of something this thin and tall with my setup, so here is the top part of it. It's 4 feet tall and 12"x12" wide. The shelves are notched and held up with screws and dowels to give it a clean look but with lots of strength. I wasn't sure where this shelf was going to be, so I wanted to have flexibility in where the customer is going to put it, so I made it symmetrical and flippable. Flippable doesn't seem to be a word, but it basically just means this shelf can be put any way up or down and look like it belongs that way.

I have been nominated by the wonderful @gmbdesign2017 to do a "5 facts". So thanks Glenn for making me do this... I mean giving me the joys of being able to do this... So I'm Kyle (the one on the left, dur), and here are a few things you might not know about me: .

1. I just recently reached 1 year of woodworking. I didn't mean to fall in love with woodworking, it just happened. It started out with my girlfriend and I talking about a new kitchen table & bench. We looked and couldn't find what we wanted (without taking a second mortgage on the house), so we decided to make our own. She designed/I built. I borrowed her dad's miter saw, and never stopped. The table & bench turned out good for a first project, but I definitely had a lot to learn. I started getting my own tools and building my skills from there. I really love what I've learned so far and excited to see what's to come! .

2. I'm a weirdo... I mean vegetarian... meh, same thing. I like my animal buddies too much to kill/eat them. I was not in the greatest shape before and lost 20 bad pounds as soon as I cut meat out. I definitely feel much better since. I like it and I won't change. I also am not one to preach or shove my ways onto others. If someone is interested, and asks about things, I will be more than happy to tell everything I know/feel for as long as they want. But if you are not interested, then that's 100% up to you. .

3. I have and have had many different hobbies. Some of them include(d): stamp collecting, rock tumbling, wood burning, soccer, baseball, hockey, rugby, running (the first and only race I have ever done is the Spartan race. Haven't heard of it? check it out. It was so much fun), biking (as much of a "NYC messenger" style as I can in mellow Ottawa), cars (I was a mechanic many moons ago but still love fixing/racing/driving. Subaru FTW!), photography, piano, drums, kayaking, skateboarding, snowboarding, woodworking, and many many more. Keep reading on in the comments below!

I'm starting to think I need a better process for getting rid of my scraps. What do you do with all your scraps?

Sometimes things don't come out as planned. I am making a shelf and it was meant to come out more of a red. I used Mahogany red danish oil on pine and it came out pretty pink. The good news is the customer likes it so it's all good. If not, I would have had to build another shelf and use another product for finishing. I tried to mix dark walnut and mahogany red together to see if that worked and applied it to a test piece, but it was much worse. So this is a good lesson to learn. If you want pink stain and are building with pine, use mahogany red danish oil. If you are trying to make something red or brownish-red, use something else.

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