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Naomi is eating everything in sight these days. (😂) She's not a picky eater, but it's been difficult to find truly healthy snacks from brands that I trust. Thank goodness for @puregrowthorganic! She's been nibbling on their biscuit bites, breakfast bars, and veggie chips. All organic, delicious, and easy to toss in her backpack while we're out exploring. I feel better knowing that she's devouring snacks with the best ingredients—even if it means extra trips to the grocery store because I can't keep up with her growth spurts. 😉 #puregrowthorganic #partner

I keep reminding @dyt069 that he's lucky to be in a household with us girls. (😉)
If I'm not asking if he needs anything, Naomi is usually stuffing his face with food or pointing out the button he missed on his shirt. He scarifies a lot so that we can be comfortable. Naomi often says: "I take care yew papa". I find solace in knowing that she absolutely will. ❤

Somehow, amidst a stressful work week and the craziness of everyday life, we managed to potty train our girl! 🙌🏾 We couldn't have done it without the help of our family sharing tips for success and encouraging Naomi along the way. Now on to new milestones—swapping diapers for underoos and trying to persuade homegirl not to grow up too fast!

And the best co-parent / dad / uncle award goes to... 💕 Thank you for always being so patient and loving @dyt069.

Translation: Happy Friday! 🤣

Sometimes I get flashbacks from our days of babyhood. It reminds me to slow down and savor every moment with our girl. #throwbackthursday

I swear we blinked and she went from newborn to threenager. 👶🏽 👧🏽 😥

New month. New blooms. 💐🌷
Such a nice change of energy. ✨
PS: Naomi is in love with her new @bobuxshoes gold sparkle sneakers. For a limited time, you can get 25% off your entire order for your little ones using code: Modern25
#happymarch (!!!)

Thankful for easy, no-plans-kind-of-weekends that allow us to wander and discover with our girl. ❤

Took a day off from the normal grind to have a day date with my favorite someone 💕. Having opposite schedules for the last 3 months has been challenging for our family, but today we're celebrating small victories—a new chapter in Daniel's career and our our schedules finally syncing up. 🙌🏾
Looking forward to adventuring around more with my crew. 👨‍👩‍👧 #teamtrummer

"I do it myself mama." Go ahead, baby girl. Explore, try, and learn everything you possibly can. ❤ #bathtimewithnaomi

Feeling nostalgic on this moody, rainy, winter day. And yearning for a cozy nap much like Naomi used to have back when she was a tiny little thing. 😴 #throwbackthursday #thatbelly

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