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Model Training Agency  Supermodel Tips, Advice, & Daily Motivation from Industry Experts! 📸 The World's Premier Online Model Training Course & Model Mentorship Program 👩🏻‍💻📈

Imagine the life you could be living. Really, take a quiet moment to yourself and really envision your wildest dreams... that’s your potential. Don’t fear it but run towards it with all of your might. Take your life, your career, your dreams, your plans and begin creating your reality. Take the driver’s seat. Discover the #CEO that already lies within you.
Awaken the beast. Go ahead, WE DARE YOU🔥💯 #modelpreneur #limitless #howbaddoyouwantit

Enjoy the journey, Modelpreneurs. Yes, most of you want to become Supermodels, but make sure to enjoy each step along the way 💯 #model #supermodelstatus #itsallaboutthejourney #modelpreneur #buildyourempire #yourbrand #workisplay #lovewhatyoudo #modelmentor #supermodelinthemaking #MTA

Supermodel | Superhustler #modelpreneur 💯

You were born a warrior.
The insecurities, doubts, and self limitations resulted from people and society. Reconnect to your true inner self and discover a world full of unlimited possibilities.
First you must visualize, then believe. Only then will you begin creating your reality.
You want to become a professional model?
We encourage you to sit down for just a few minutes and envision yourself in the exact position you wish to be in one year from now... 5 years from now.
Imagine yourself sitting on a luscious beach in Bali with photographers, stylists, make up artists, and a full crew surrounding you. How do you feel in that moment? Feel the wind on your skin and hair, smell the fresh sea salt, and observe yourself working it with confidence... yes, that’s you.
Allow yourself to be freed of all scarcity and fill yourself with gratitude. Free your mind and write your story.
Now, go for it; work towards your deepest desires. You are born a warrior and you were born to live life as you dream.

Don’t learn this the hard way. Be wiser than the others and rise above it 😉📈

Respect the Sunday, beauties and gents #sundayvibes #modelpreneur

How bad do you want to become a Model?
Would you rather be the top 1% or lost in the 99%? It takes effort. Earn it, each step of the way. 💯 #modelpreneur #modeling #model #hustle #elevateyourself

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” — #timnotke
Don’t rely on just talent. The hard truth is that many people live out their lives without truly utilizing their talents. It’s a matter of putting those talents to work. Earn it. How much time are you truly dedicating to your dreams? How many times THIS WEEK have you put off productivity towards achieving your greatest goals? The time is now, Models. Now is a great place to start! Begin creating habits of dedicating time everyday. Focus on moving the needle even just a little each and every single day. That consistency will allow you to wake up one year from now in a very different place in your life... with an income stream from a career that you love, traveling, experiencing life on your terms, and truly elevating your life and career. How? Become a “doer”! Eliminate the need to procrastinate, make excuses, and limit yourself. Begin living fearlessly and it all starts with consistent action and effort... it starts with hard work.
Are you ready to dominate today?!!
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Happy Monday, Beauties and gents! How did you spend your Earth Day yesterday?!
We, at MTA, had the honor of attending the film screening for “A Plastic Ocean”. A compelling award-winning film available NOW on Netflix (America). We extend our gratitude and strive to take direct action against plastic pollution and preserve our natural world. We encourage everyone to show @plasticoceans and @sustainablebreakthroughs love and support for their efforts to preserve our beautiful planet. 🚮🌏
#earthdayeveryday #earthday2018 #sustainablefashion #ecoconscious #iamnotplastic #eco #ecowarriors #thesecretoflivingisgiving #modelpreneur

“You deserve to chase your own dream 💫” #Oprah

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”
Congratulations to Model @georgeswelch on his recent photoshoot with @yasminekateb !! Absolutely crushed it 💯💯
**BONUS Supermodel Tip: Constantly update your portfolio. If you do not have a compelling headshot already, set up a shoot ASAP. Your headshot is your ticket in the door to agencies, castings, and direct bookings. One photo goes a long way. Invest in yourself, #Modelpreneur, and put yourself ahead of the others with high quality images!! 📸

“It’s about the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone.” -Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur.
Congratulations to Model @joseph.schell on his recent photoshoot! Follow his journey and show him love as he pursues his dreams and builds his empire. 💯🔥
📸: @hannah_mccoy_11
#MTAModel #MTAModelpreneur

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