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The Graduates: @hoooooyeony
Photographed by @sebkimstudio for
Hoyeon on Korea’s Next Top Model, skydiving and her no-limits approach to life - now on MDC.
Style @ajmukamal
Hair @hiromari8787
MUA @lisahoughton
Manicure @adakiss
Cc @thesocietynyc @themoskovic

First time in New York and debuting at @alexanderwangny? We think @loserthrift had a really good week. #MDCGOSEES with Noah Carlos
Dec 2018.

@warukatta by @stevenyatsko “The Eternal Sunshine of @sandyliang” for
Model and muse Fernanda Ly takes the designer’s must-haves for a spin and the two friends talk everything - now on MDC
Stylist and designer @sandyliang
Makeup @aiyokomizo
Hair @takeshikatoh

The Graduates: @hiandramartinez
Photographed by @sebkimstudio for
Hiandra on fighting nerves, rocking her own braids and starting a skincare line - now on MDC.
Style @ajmukamal
Hair @hiromari8787
MUA @kristimatamoros
Manicure @chrmdbysarah
Cc @nextmodels @themoskovic

@ndreaskronthaler on luxury, androgyny and the immorality of punk.
Tap the link in our bio for the full interview!
A interview by contributing beauty editor @pepgay

Editors / Stephan Moskovic & Irene Ojo-Felix
Camera / James Graley
Video edit / Charlie Graley

Special thanks / Michael Bailey-Gates & @gqstyle, Laura McCuaig and Christopher di Pietro at @viviennewestwood, Thu Nguyen at @clmagency, Anna Gibson of Juergen Teller Studio

Before social media, the scouting process was for years hidden in fear of rivals stealing the next regional star. The world is vast and the ability to scout models from the far corners of the globe was much more of an effort. Yet, with model competitions and the popularity of online scouting contests rising, the practice has become more democratic and faster than before. With this mindset, I went on invitation by mother agency @longtengmodels to China for a chance to see firsthand one of the largest new face markets and report on my findings.
Read “China and the art of scouting”, now on
By @iojofx

There’s a second screening of the 7-year-in-the-making documentary about #DavideSorrenti @see_know_evil tomorrow at the SVA theater in New York.
We talked to his mother Francesca about her thoughts on the project, now on
Photos: Jaime King and Frankie Rayder by Davide Sorrenti

@mayowanicholas by @sebkimstudio for ‘The Graduates’ Nov 2018.
Mayowa on being an accountant, afrobeats and power-walking. Now on MDC.
Style @ajmukamal
Hair @hiromari8787
Makeup @kristimatamoros
Manicure @chrmdbysarah
Editor @themoskovic

From Texas to rainy NYC, #MDCGOSEES Keandra @cocosamone @imgmodels
Nov 2018.

@sophiekoella reminds New Yorkers (and all Americans!) to vote in the midterm elections on November 6th - the best way she knows how. 🇺🇸
Visit for information on where, when and how to vote in your state.
Starting @sophiekoella
Video by @stevenyatsko for MDC
Edited by @mitchryan
Style @iancogneato
Hair @yusukemiurahair
Makeup #AyakaOsenkov
All clothing @monsemaison

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