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MB β€’ J-HO β€’ Jack/ie πŸš€πŸ‘½πŸ”₯  Chef of Consciousness @femmeappetit β€’ Marketing Ninja Vegan Baker β€’ Experientialist β€’ Producer β€’ Writer Model β€’ Actor @wrennmgmt β€’ Maroon 5 WAITπŸ‘‡πŸ’₯

"Why can't you sleep?" Because love haunts me. Whatever I do, it's a reminder that I am its creator. It doesn't ask for permission to be created. It acts independently because it is powerful. It can choose anyone else, but it chooses me. Everyday. This is a humbling revelation, and I weep. #rainydays #foodforthought #chooselove #godsplan β€’ Special thanks to @feastlyla for making me feel at home. #cheflife

First day of Spring: Training. Cleaning. @equinox β€’ #swole #babysteps #commitment #justdoit #fitfluential #bodypositivity β€’ Photo @deirdramacintyrecowen

SWIPE for #foodporn. Yesterday's conscious brunch with some new friends was dope. I totally forgot it was St. Patrick's Day because who needs to get excited about hangovers when you can get high on healthy good vibes? Viva la pura vida, mi familia de la luna nueva y recuerda que eres la verdad. (Eng-Span: Live the pure life, my family of the new moon. Remember that you are the truth.) Para mi, I strongly desire heat aka PASSION. I ain't concerned about the burn, especially for VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE silver dollah cinnamon polenta pancakes with mixed berry salsa (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, cucumber, cilantro, red onion, pink salt). Gave the SAWCE a kick of chipotle pepper. I pronounce that as "chip-pottle." I like it like that. And this was pretty much improvised. I literally feel my way through the kitchen the same way I slither through warm, freshly laundered bedsheets. Then give me a superfood, brain-boosting latte, an emotionally intelligent book, and some lean, muscled legs to tangle with and I AM GOOD, homie. Happy weekend, thanks @heatherdelleney for holding space for friendship and @deirdramacintyrecowen for the backup babe power. Love my friends. Love your friends. Let's all just be friends. #girlonfire #vegan #glutenfree #brunch #cheflife #tribe #hungry

Joy and laughter. Togetherness, well, that's all I'm after. β€’ Yo, it has been a wild week. Actually, a wild month! Opportunities are coming out like sunshine, alliances forming into a divinely conscious army. What I got a bunch of? GRATITUDE. SUCH A GIFT. β€’ In between auditions, meetings, coordinating, creating, producing, writing, couch surfing, working out, baking and breathing, I remind myself that I am here TO DO EPIC SHIT. I am here to HOLD SPACE as a human vessel and clandestine messenger. β€’ The challenges I've faced would typically intimidate the unprepared, yet I actively choose not to see, not to feel, not to behave in ways that disrespect my inner child. She loves to laugh, learn, and irrevocably love, love, love, love. She also knows that the wise build bridges and the foolish build barriers. (#blackpanther #wisdom) My bridges are my friends, my family, my body, my mind and my soul. β€’ I admit I still know nothing about existence but in that I feel everything. β€’ Thank you to the ones who hold me down and up. And sideways, hahaha! I love you. #imout #smize #realness #godsplan

Girl issss spiccayy. Many have wondered if I'm still baking. Here's proof that this mama got her groove back - to what else? If it's not 90s R&B, don't mess with me and these vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, fuckboy-free, self-loving brownies iced with ancestral Vietnamese cinnamon. Ya heard? SWIPE and SOUND ON for the real things. #boom #randb #vegan #girlboss #rebel

#BTS Just a taste of what's coming soon. β€’ Hair @dolceandjuabana Photo @j.hnna β€’ #wrennmgmt #testshoot #wigs #veganfriendly #nomakeup

Pisces season got me all wet with feelings. Learn to surf, y'all. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸŒŠ @dickz β€’ @wrennmgmt #feels #veganlife #beachbody #tb

It may have been the #coffee, but I'm still buzzed from the #Oscars2018. πŸ˜πŸ‘Diversity of culture and talent had me crying and inspired. β€’ There is more work to do, stories to tell, music to make, and souls to bare. S/o to the strong women who took a stand and to the compassionate men beside them. #winning #universe β€’ Thank you for the coconut milk latte @thekindsage. β€’ #vegan #mondaymotivation #breakingbarriers #blessings #cheers

Damn. I'm really loving how I'm becoming just me. The details will work themselves in the more I work myself out. Mentality needs more flexing than mortal muscle. β€’ Thank you to my lovers, freedom fighters, soul brothers and sisters for being in my life as witnesses and contributors. Above all, thank you for being you. β€’ #wisdom #blessings #chooselove #energyiseverything

#March β€’ A ripening month, honeyed with possibilities and slathered (sinking) in sensuality. Frozen memories, like organic berries, thaw out in spring's hopeful, lucid breaths. Easy sighs: the morning-to-midnight kind between lovers of like, luscious minds - on the rims of coffee mugs - on the edges of chilled wine bottles - in the sheets twice and rain-drenched on creamy, desserted streets. β€’ @vsco #vsco #selflove #growth #springtime #waitforit #fridayfeels

Can we talk for a moment? Got these feelings I'm tired of holding on. @maroon5 Wait #lyrics β€’ On Melrose & Fairfax. β€’ Photo @evanshots β€’ #mural #art #streetart #wallart #maroon5 #redpillblues #badass

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