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Sarah Worley  Artist | Designer | Vintage

The only thing I love more than the constant creative learning that is historical design, is meeting other endlessly talented people within the community. This past weekend was so romantically inspirational and refreshingly went way too quickly! Until next time!@timetravellingredhead @sewstine @ekmaynard @shoecrazy1983 @stephani.miller @thedutchmilliners

The Queen has arrived!
My grandmother at the @janeaustenfestival_ky ball.
Gown is cream silk satin with a trained open robe of crimson silk taffeta trimmed with antique metallic gold lace.

Dress bodice and hair details from my silk tafetta #regency gown for @janeaustenfestival_ky .
I opted for a midnight blue silk piped with crimson to tie in with my grandmothers gown. I had so much fun with this and, although didn’t finish it as i had originally imagined, I am very happy.

Dramatic? Who, me?
Gown made by me with a midnight blue silk tafetta piped with crimson for the @janeaustenfestival_ky Ball at the Pendennis Club this past weekend

Summer stroll in the shade @janeaustenfestival_ky. Dress made by me from striped textured cotton with antique mother of pearl buttons at the back and a pink silk sash for a little color!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!! I am so blessed to have a grandmother who not only, from day one, supported (if not completely enabled) my love of playing dress up but plays along herself and looks FABULOUS doing it. Here we are in front of the historic @historic_locust_grove home at the @janeaustenfestival_ky. I made both of our dresses and for a first foray into Regency, I am quite proud!!!

“A well read woman is a dangerous creature.”
Enjoying and posing in the beautiful AC before stepping out into the Kentucky summer heat. No wonder they drink so much bourbon here!!

Curls intact pre-midday melt.
Dress made by me for the @janeaustenfestival_ky from a striped textured cotton and silk ribbon sash.

Pictures of this dress have been long over due, sorry for my insta-absence! Lately I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress which, for me, sometimes is only exaggerated by social media so I tend to avoid it during those times. Here’s to hoping for sunnier days and a brighter outlook ❤️
More pictures to come!! 📷 : @jakwulin

Taken just before the @dancesofvice Neptune Ball and just after auditioning for the Blue Man Group 🌊💙

My “Wave” costume for the @dancesofvice Neptune Ball comes from a variety of places of inspiration. My initial idea came from one of the dresses worn in the Eternal Garden scene from The film Metropolis. I thought it would be fun to mesh the shorter length and comparatively relaxed silhouette of a 1920s robe de style with the extravagant size and...ahem...more revealing nature of an 18th century gown. So far, I am very pleased with the result and can not wait to get it completely together. 🌊 🐟 🎈

Just a little look at what I’ve been working on for the @dancesofvice Neptune Ball. Definitely more work to do and the form doesn’t do the fit justice, but I am having such fun with this one!

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