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Lindsey Garrett  ♒♌♏ Astro traveller | coach. Reopening client spots Summer 2018.

Day 3 - Part Deux ... Bespoke perfume from @lestudiodesparfums_paris in #lamarais, high tea with 🥂service (more Rosè) at @lemeuriceparis run back to hotel grab coats and scarves for evening boat ride on the Seine and a trip up the #eiffeltower it was such a good day. #bonjour_cinquante #parisjetaime #seinerivercruise - I haven’t even gotten to the art yet ... that’s tomorrow and when all words failed me.

Paris Day 2: (pt. deux)... sorry post trip illness has me 😷 ... after the cathedral we 🚕 over to #vueveclicquot for the 12:30 Madame Clicquot tour ... to tell you it was fantastic would be an understatement - a highlight of this trip for sure. Our host was so knowledgeable and entertaining 🍾we walked away wondering how did we not know the correct way to open a bottle (don’t pop) or pour (don’t tip the glass) and by all means use something larger than the traditional flute 🥂 ... brought a few bottles with us on the 5:30 train back to Paris ... dinner was this tiny place called Cibus I think there were 6 tables. We are now aware that dinner in France takes no less than 3 hours. We savored every 🍝 🍷. #bonjour_cinquante #parisjetaime #reims #madameclicquot #champagnetour

Ahhh Paris Day 2: first morning we are lucky during the strike our TGV train 🚄to Reims is running ... I really enjoyed the beautiful 45 min ride out to champagne country. By plane, train or car you see miles of yellow mustard fields. In Reims there is a beautiful Notre-Dame Our Lady of Reims, built in 1211, before that was another church built above grounds that were once Roman baths... so much religious history here. Next stop ... catch a 🚕 to Vueve Cliquot ... #bonjour_cinquante #parisjetaime

The remains of the half day in Paris, little sleep but that’s OK... Colonne Vendôme on the horizon... every street leads to some sort of treasure in Paris.
#bonjour_cinquante #placevendome

Day 1: red eye direct (LAX-CDG Air France 🇫🇷 on a gigantic A380, I swear sometimes you could tell if we were moving) ... the most chic bathrooms ever, driving to the hotel passing the cemetery where Jim Morrison was laid to rest, Birthday treats in the room merci @hoteledouard7, mom in the lobby fresh off her flight from Florida, walk to the Opera House, stop at @cafedelapaixparis for croque monsieurs, pommes frites and Rosé - an introduction to all the sights & sounds (and 🚬) of Paris. I’ve never seen so many well dressed people 👜👠, no cut out shoulder tops here. 🙅🏻‍♀️

Travel ... I have such a love/hate relationship with it. For the last few months I have prepped and planned for Paris and here I am already back home wondering how many times is too many to visit your local boulangerie 🥖🤔 I’ve been twice already. #reentrystuggleisreal
Working on the photos ... I took over 1000 on my phone so be prepared. 🤳🏼👀 #bonjour_cinquante

🍌 or 🍾 ... if only it was this simple.

Cloudy with a chance of 💧#raindropshot

First monarch of the season #citizenscientist #savethemonarchs #projectmonarch

Sometimes self care comes in the form of a {very special} character #macaron ... I can’t possible eat this so should I shellac it!?! #prince o{+> ☔️ thank you @wiwamoto and @hoopla_99 for the tip 🤟🏼and @honeyandbutter for making them they also made Bowie .... Amy .... Freddie... Janis ... John L (see story) so many good ones gone 🙏🏻☔️🎸

Here are 11 reasons why I haven’t been posting much ... all the books ... so much to learn, download and integrate into my coaching biz. I’m adding layers subtracting what doesn’t resonate and creating something unique and very specific to my brand of alchemy. Craving new experiences and continued growth in 2018. PS. I’ve chosen my #oneword and it’s in this photo. See it? 🤔 #instabooks #instareads #flatlay #renegadebeauty #manymoons #coachinglife #alchemy #tribeofmentors #bookofblessings #minimalism

It’s #raindropshot season ... also it smells like forest fire, first ☔️ after the 🔥 canyon burn 😷#timepassages #vscox #itneverrainsinsoutherncalifornia

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