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Hey everybody! Your boys at Mod4UP gonna be recording later on tonight. So we are asking you the wonderful people of Instagram to send us your questions, comments, concerns or anything else you want a different opinion on. Send them here on instagram, facebook or at mod4up@gmail.com. don't forget to check our our latest episodes on soundcloud https://m.soundcloud.com/mod4up Thanks everyone, and enjoy the rest of your evening!

Better late than never!! Happy Friday everyone! If you haven't seen it on Facebook listen to it go down on iTunes, YouTube and SoundCloud! Episode Deuce Deuce (22) We went live with our friend the Dooperman Hutchison and we ask the viewers and listeners what they wanted to talk about. We also talk about @dread8300 Mike "what had happen was" Marrero about his first experience in running the Rock n Roll half marathon or any marathon for that matter! πŸ˜‚ and we introduce the world to the Silver Fox!!! 😱😱😱😱 So check us out now and if you want to see it go on Facebook before it's gone! Like share and comment! Thank you for the love and support and we'll catch you Katz later! Peeezout!✌🏼 #silverfox #mod4up #flowrollbjj #FBlive #dooperman #rnrsd2017 #rnrsd #letsgochamp

What up, what up, what up!! This is the face you make when they try to BS you! πŸ˜’ #comeonplaya haha hope you guys had a good week and now it's party time lol, tune in to episode 21 right now, where we talk about being a loyal returning customer for years and you ask one thing to get done and they give you the run around. Listen on your way home, because We know you're in traffic right there with us haha #mod4up #flowrollbjj #tgifriday #happyfriday #letsgochamp #live #laugh #drinkbeer

Hey everybody!! I Hope you had a great lunch, and you got your grub on. Here to help you with the 2nd half of your day is your boys from Mod4UP with a new episode. So full disclosure the episode ends abruptly but fear not! You don't miss anything. So enjoy it during the rest of your day or on the drive home, as long you enjoy it with us. Have a great rest of your day. link in bio. Michael Dread Marrero II Dominic Alvarez Flow Roll Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA #WOOOOOO #WEEKENDISHERE #ITSMILLERTIME #FLOWROLLBJJ #MOD4UP #BEERTIMEISAGOODTIME

Let me catch you wearing one!! Hahah #mod4up #flowrollbjj #nope #notomanrompers #letmecatchyouslippin

The weekend is here, Yea buddy!! Who's ready to go to Vegas hahah not me! Lol But check out episode 19 right now because I know you're clocking out of that 9 to 5 to listen to Dominic's story about his Vegas dice rolling skills! #likenoother #masterofdice #mod4up #flowrollbjj #tgif #winning #live #love #drinkbeer link in bio

This is what we do after a great podcast.... usually.....ok all the time! Haha #dontjudgeus lol Well hope you had a good smooth week. Now that the weekend is here check out episode 18 where we talk about reggae, the media trying to dumb us down, & if you had the ability to secretly spy on someone what would you do? If you want to know our thoughts on it listen now on YouTube, SoundCloud & iTunes! #mod4up #flowrollbjj #episode18 link in bio

Hey hey hey everybody what is going on!! It's Friday and I know you about to get off work, or are already on your way home! So do what you do but while you do that, listen to ya boyz Modesty is for Ugly people and Coach @ricky_nunez_bjj while we talk about my first time hitting the @flowrollbjj mats, we get distracted a lot but I assure you it's a lot of laughs! It was an awesome experience and I am definitely excited to continue down that road! Wooo!! Any ways listen right now on iTunes,YouTube and SoundCloud! #mod4up #flowrollbjj #squirrelepisode #jiujitsu #whitebeltproblems #newbie #live #love #laugh #drinkbeer link in bio✌🏼

Thanks to my awesome girlfriend @adelaaa_c , I have a #fidgetcube now and it is oddly relaxing during finals week! Annoying to others but calming for the nerves haha #antsylabs #fidgetcube #finalsweek #hardwork #dedication #almostdone #letsgo #pharmacytechnician #pharmacytech #drugs #brandname and #generic #schoolflow #podcasters #mod4up #flowrollbjj 🀘🏼😎

What is goin down people!! It's ya boyz of Modesty is for Ugly people! On today's episode we talk about getting out of our pre-programmed minds and wake up! Stop following/believing the trends and look around at what's really going on! So listen now on SoundCloud ITunes and YouTube and listen to a some what of a non intellectual convo with us lol! Happy Friday everybody! Check us out live tonight around 7:00pm @flowrollbjj Getting our train on! It's @dread8300 first time on the mats with a class so prepare yourself to laugh really hard!! Catch you Katz later, Peezout!!! #mod4up #flowrollbjj
#live #love #laugh #drinkbeer #sdlife #modestyisforuglypeople
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The face I make when they had to do one simple thing...πŸ˜’ Check out episode 15 right now and listen to us tell you how to parent the proper way hahah Imagine that! πŸ˜‚ Join the boyz of Modesty is for Ugly people on SoundCloud YouTube and iTunes like share and hit us up with topics you want us to touch on! Happy Friday my people! Enter the weekend! Wooo!! #mod4up #flowrollbjj #hardwork #parenthood #thoughtsfromadad #live #love #laugh #drinkbeer


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