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Molly Wilson  Wandering around a lot. In my head.

I am not sure one can fully appreciate how many surfaces in ones kitchen might have to be cleaned if something like this happens while making whipped cream...unless it happens to you. #ithappenedtome #shitshow #stillworthit

When @lancewhitner gets the idea to design a mural and enlist the community to help paint it...stand back! How absolutely cool is this??? OMG. Thank you for letting me put a brushstroke or two on it this morning 🙏 @kiefer19 came around the corner to give a look as well 😘 #steamboatsprings #pinemoonfineart #murals #neighbors #art #love

I mean... they don’t even have the actual flower on them yet .♥️🌻 ♥️ It’s a little bit shocking. What did I plant???

Also camping/bacon

Camping/nap/view upon waking 💚💚💚

What Monday morning looks like around here...sitting on the floor putting on a little makeup in the only mirror I can find amidst the painting paraphernalia 😂Hope you all have a stellar week 😘

Isn’t this a ridiculously sweet summer day bouquet? #partyleftovers

Whoop whoop! 🌸🌸Transporting fresh cut flowers from all the girlfriend gardens for our friend Millie’s 50th (finally!) bash tonight 💗💗

I am a raspberry picker and a cherry picker and a strawberry picker ...all in my garden. I am a peach buyer and a blueberry buyer at the market. I am a summertime pie maker. Also...kind of wondering if anyone else has to sweep and mop their kitchen after pie making? *asking for a friend* #ilovepie #ilovesummer #iloveyou

In the shadows of the places I love,
lie the quiet of memories.

Just a little time-travel back to the two weeks I recently spent in Estes Park at the Cabin. I love everything about being there...from the birdsong-filled silence of early morning tea on the porch to the bustle of readying for a hike to the top of something-or-other to the animals that appear and scare and thrill me in equal measure . This place is a treasure ♥️

I’m right smack in the middle of two weeks off-grid at the cabin. I have to buzz down to Denver for an appointment this morning. Wow! Such busy-ness happening😮. Ha! By early afternoon I’ll be back to this wildflower bonanza and my new favorite happy hour drink. Hard seltzer water. Yes! Have a cocktail while hydrating. Happy Friday to all of you. See you in another week 😘

This might not seem like a big deal...or IG worthy. But you know what? It actually is. If you aren’t voting because you are fed up, or don’t think it matters, or could give a shit, or any number of things...just check yourself. Don’t lose your humanity. The people in power are the people you put there. So put some folks in power who support term limits, who care about immigrants ( because that’s how we ALL got here) , who listen to their constituents and respond accordingly. Don’t give up. Don’t back down. Use your incredible right and privilege. VOTE.

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