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The Boujee Princess💛💰  ブラックプリンセス 👸🏾🌹 • Aspiring model 👻 mochaboujee

Chocolate kisses❤


I C O N ❄💕

I need a boodaddy😭😭💕

Betrayal 💔 , Denial🐀 , Sex💕 , repeat



Your kind is ancient, your skill is an art
The belief of your existence
Is of which most have part
At the sight of dust, there's a smile on your face
For the darkness brings the urge for a particular taste
You lurk in the shadows,
Awaiting your next victim
This exotic taste is the fuel found within

You sit at his right hand
An feet or two, maybe three, no further
For he is ruler, king and also your father
His voice echoes through the walls of the covernant
With only a glance, he killed dozens of tyrant

The days are so beautiful,
Yet you are in dispare
For where the sun shines
You can never go near
A creature of perfection in every single way
Yet your beauty shines its radiance most at night than day
With skin so soft, the rays of light burns
And as is tradation,
To dust you'll turn . 🥀

Tick tock...tick tock...
life is counting down on your internal clock.

Memories which were as if they occurred yesterday,
turn to flashes of moments that seem to fade away.

People you once knew
walk by without a clue.

The times you once shared
exist as if you were never there.

Years fly...friends die...
and you never know when you'll say your last goodbye.

Oh, how I wish I could turn back time,
spend it with loved ones and cherish what was once mine.

Or to go back even more,
being a kid in a candy store.

How I miss the way I used to feel
on Christmas day when Santa was real.

But back to reality...back to today,
family is scarce and memories continue to fade away.

Tick tock...tick tock...
how I wish I could control this clock. 💔

My eyes are so fucking sexy 😍😍❤️

🍭sweet but shallow with an acient skill

Trippy vibes 🔮☯️🖤

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