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moby xⓋx  John Waters' adopted child. #vegan since 1987 #animalrights #littlepine #animalliberation #guncontrolnow #impeachtrump

A really really great day in the studio with @darlingside #thelastday ps fun fact that’s Frank Sinatra’s piano at @eastweststudios in the room where Brian Wilson recorded ‘god only knows’. Hooray Los Angeles recording studios.

I really don’t like touring, but this was a pretty great tour.. @neworderofficial @theroots @outkast

Happy birthday to @anneeversfraser who at 97 might be the world’s most long lived vegan!

Just a moment of joy as hundreds of baby turtles are released into the sea. @armtheanimals

How much lower can the @realdonaldtrump presidency go? Locking children in cages, referring to Neo-Nazis as “fine people”, referring to African countries and Haiti as “shithole countries”, referring to Mexicans as “rapists”, ignoring the devastation in Puerto Rico after Maria, the list(and the lies)goes on and on. And now basically admitting that there are recordings of the President of the United States using the worst possible racist epithet. We need to take back our country and run racist Trump and the racist Republicans outof town. #vote #november62018

I’m happy here.

Now that I have your attention: stop using palm oil. Palm oil cultivation is causing the rapid extinction of orangutans. Now you know: stop using palm oil, and stop buying products containing palm oil. #palmoil @orangutanfoundationintl @orangutan_cop @theorangutanproject @orangutaninformationcentre @palmoilfreecertification @palmoilfree_ @awarenesspalmoil

I know nothing about surfing(well, apart from that it involves waves and, I assume, surfboards), but I can’t stop watching this. Just look at the size of that wave... @steveo

Hahahah, @yolandi_eats_la we at @littlepinerestaurant love you very much, but unfortunately we’re not hiring kitchen staff at this time...

This September 12, downtown Los Angeles, the @marchofsilence pic @chefitophoto #animalrights #animalliberation

I’m generally not a big fan of violence, but watch what happens to the boxer who mocks his vegan opponent.. @jamesaspey

Just a reminder, since his inauguration old president bone spurs @realdonaldtrump has spent 145 days playing golf at one of his country clubs, but hasn’t ONCE visited active duty U.S troops in combat zones.

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