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moby XⓋX  John Waters' adopted child. #vegan since 1987 #animalrights #animalliberation #littlepine. #impeachtrump #morefastsongsabouttheapoclypse

Hahaha, thank you internets.

This is just so happy.. hopefully this little boy will never be taught to forget his innate love of animals. Part of being an #animalrights activist is reminding people(unless they're a #trump) that they already love animals. You don't need to learn to love animals, you just need to remember that already do.

Hahaha, thank you internets

May you find peace wherever you are.

Summertime means one thing: put on a black suit and get in the pool with a buzzard mask.

My new life coach. @armtheanimals @linzhicks

I'll admit, it's thrilling seeing my name in the @twinpeaks credits..

Just look at how loving and curious and affectionate these cows are. It breaks my heart that humans respond to the gentleness and vulnerability of animals by locking them up, torturing them, and killing them. Humans need to evolve or go away.

This fun little graph is #trump 's plummeting approval rating(black line), and skyrocketing disapproval rating(red line). Take note, republicans, as you are now the party of Trump. @gop

Fun day recording music with @sogallant in VERY HOT (literally) north Hollywood , rehearsing in hallway with @samminicksmusic @lio_nicol @emikosylver

Dear #trump supporters, it's ok.. I know you're slowly realizing that you helped elect an incompetent narcissist who after 6 months is already the worst president in the history of the United States. It's ok to admit that you made a mistake. Trump lied to you, about everything. For the good of the country and the good of the world it's time to accept that even if you voted for #trump it's time to get him to leave. Put aside your pride and your party affiliation and do the right thing: #impeachtrump @gop @republicanparty @realdonaldtrump

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