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moby XⓋX  John Waters' adopted child. #vegan since 1987 #animalrights #animalliberation #littlepine. #impeachtrump . A simple love video:

Tonight: this. @littlepinerestaurant

Oh a picture says a billion words..

I love this Bleeker st #veganclub takeover.. @iamlefou

Clearly @linzhicks and @dog_model are at the part of #porcelainthebook where the cockroach attacks my penis. #themoreyouknow🌈

I agree: 'compassion above everything else' @kathyfreston #animalrights

Hahaha, American Horror Story: the Vatican.

Name that film..."every day I'm in here getting weaker Charlie is out there getting stronger".
Ps I need to shave.

Hahahah, wait, Hahahaha. Sorry if you're offended, but: Hahahaha. The genius of the internet machine.

One of these things is not like the other ones.

First time I met @shaunmonson was in the 90's before he made @earthlingsfilm and was a music photographer. Or, rather a musician photographer. I guess it would be hard to photograph music is music is just air molecules moving a little bit differently. So inspiring to see what Shaun has done over the last 20 years!

Perfection.. @jesseleeweiss

There is nothing in any of the world's religious texts that supports or encourages or condones violence towards innocent people. What sort of hateful perversion leads anyone to think that God wants them to hurt innocents?
Any religious leader who does not comprehensively and categorically condemn terrorism and terrorist violence is simply an enemy of God.

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