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moby XⓋX  John Waters' adopted child. #vegan since 1987 #animalrights #animalliberation #impeachtrump -CIRCLE V November 18!-


Just remember @marniethedog , the doors of AA are always open.

Sometimes I think I shouldn't be allowed to dress myself.

One of my favorite people, Genesis @aveganchildsjourney is also the youngest person to ever give a @ted talk! She'll be one of our amazing speakers at @circlevfest November 18.

Just made a few edits to the Declaration of Independence..I'm sure Thomas Jefferson wouldn't mind.
1-replace 'men' with 'people', that's a no brainer.(ps in my vegan world that includes animals).
2-replace 'happiness' with 'service'. Our culture's selfish pursuit of happiness is destroying us. And, paradoxically, making us miserable.
True happiness comes from service to a greater good, a cause bigger than yourself.
If you spend your life selfishly trying to be happy you'll end up miserable. If you spend your life trying to be of service and working to make the world a better place there's a good chance you'll actually be happy.

Just found my old metal slide and remembered how much fun it is to play slide.

Pretty sure my dirt farming white trash ancestors would like this.

So happy that @linzanddex11 will be at @circlevfest doing her beautiful paintings and talking about her work. @mercyforanimals @tonykanal

That feeling you get when you see this picture? That's reason number 1 why I'm a vegan and an animal rights activist. Of course it's great that a vegan world would involve 45% less #climatechange and 90% less rainforest deforestation and 50% less heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. But ultimately it's about my love for animals and the belief that animals deserve their own lives and are not ours to eat, wear, or experiment on. #animalrights @animalechochamber

These fucking idiots. Poster children for everything wrong with our species.

Every now and then I see a picture that reminds me that not all humans are terrible. Humans could turn this planet into a paradise if only they stopped being so scared, vicious, ignorant, tribal, dogmatic, and selfish. Unfortunately I'd say there's about a .00001% chance we'll change our ways before the earth starts simply getting rid of us.

Dear #China , STOP PAYING PEOPLE TO KILL RHINOS !!! #worldrhinoday @therhinoorphanage

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