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#MobotSG  Largest retailer and distributor of electric scooters, electric bicycles, mobility scooters and other PMDs in Singapore. #MobotSG

The crowd favorite light-weight e-scooter series Scooty is back! Now with ✅UL2272 Certification.
At only 7kg👼, this e-scooter is convenient and portable. Available now islandwide and on

#MobotSG #MobotScooty #Lightweight #EscooterSG #Escooter #UL2272

Do you love your e-scooter so much that you just want to hug it tightly?

Presenting Gotrax, a Mobot Exclusive!
✅UL2272 Certified
✅Perfect Last Mile Companion
✅Disk Brake 🎊Pre-order starts 23rd MAY on MobotSg. Test drive it this upcoming CEE SHOW @ Suntec from 23rd to 26th May.

#UL2272 #MobotSG #Gotrax #love

The smarter helmet for a smarter you.

SH55M features🚀: Bluetooth 4.1 Connection
Powerful Stereo Speakers
Smart LED Lighting at the rear
SOS Alerts
Walkie-Talkie Bluetooth Communication
One Button Answer
Shell: PC (polycarbonate)
Body: Imported PSI-205T high density EPS

Available now @

#MobotSG #SmartHelmet #EscooterSg #Helmet #Bluetooth #safe

This mother's day, remember to thank your mum for her love and care.
Here at Mobot, we wish all mums a Happy Mother's Day! 🥰 (PS: Do check out our outlets islandwide for some mother's day promotions!) #MobotSG #MothersDay #PersonalMobilityAid

Change is coming. .
Are you ready?
More UL2272 models coming soon.

#MobotSG #UL2272 #electricscooter

"The best thing to hold on to in life is each other." Uncle Ho is 80 this year, and wanted to snap a picture with his wife at our showroom today. To this dear couple, we are in awe of your love!
#MobotSG #RelyncR1 #PMA

We want to wish everyone a Happy Labour Day! All of our retail outlets in Giant, Courts and Fairprice and also our showroom would still be open as usual tomorrow!
Have a great Labour Day!

#MobotSG #labourday

Always wanted the new ✅sleek L1-1 ✅UL2272 ✅LTA Certified Escooter, but could never fork out the cash💰? $100 off for every purchase of MOBOT L1-1 ✅ UL2272 Certified ✅ LTA compliant electric scooter.
🔥🔥 Pay only $199.75 x 4 installments when purchase online. ➕ .
Use Promo Code: POS100 to receive a free helmet and safety lock too!

Today, our young customer entered into our showroom with his family to purchase an Relync R1. Beaming proudly, he proclaims: "This is my ride!" Jorel suffers from Lower Muscular Delay, yet it does not stop dancing, playing, and exploring.

Emobility is here for good. There are countless people that are using these devices daily for a easier and more convinient time.
You can view Jorel's story on his youtube account: Jorel101

What are your takes on Emobility usage? Share with us in the comments below.

#MobotSG #RelyncR1 #PMA

🎊[GIVEAWAY RESULTS]🎊 Thank you for participating in our first official giveaway on our webpage! We have read every single comment on both our page and on SBS - Sure Boh Singapore, and we have decided on a winner.
It was very difficult to decide on a winner, and some entries really moved us. Hence, we have decided to give all participants a 🥰$200 online voucher for our L1-1!🥰 The voucher code will be DMed to all giveaway participants shortly.

Bai Tian Liang's touching story of his family and his hardworking mom won the contest in the end. To Bai Tian Liang, do keep a lookout in your DMs for a message from us!

Once again, thank you all for the overwhelming response. Do look forward to more promotions and deals from MobotSG.


This post is extra sweet!
1 Day left to the end of our giveaway!
Check out some of our favourite comments so far!

Click the link above to win A PAIR of L1-1 UL2272 Certified #ThePremiumRide Escooters!

1 Day left to the end of our giveaway!
Check out some of our favourite comments so far!

Click the link in our bio to win A PAIR of L1-1 UL2272 Certified #ThePremiumRide Escooters!

#SgGiveaway #Escooter #UL2272 #MobotSG #mobotsg_l1dash1 #ThePremiumRide #giveawaycontest

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