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Maurice Alexander  I Got Malcolm's Heart, Martins Mind, Tupac's Passion, & My Sisters Aura!!!


A Day Don't Go By My G... I Think About Us & Those Group Home Days... You Made It Out Tho & Made Something Of Yourself... Wild Ass Dominican Nigga... I Miss You, Wish You Can See Me Now Cause Judging From Bac Then I'm Not Suppose To Be Here Either... Ya Anniversary Is Approaching I'm Just Venting To Deal With It... #RIPMerlin #NYC #ForverFamily

""Big Mo I Wanna See You With Some Serious Paper Because I Know You Gon Represent Correctly.. It's A Lot Of Mutha Fu$kas With Money That Just Ain't Doing It Right Even From Bac In My Day...The Divide Between A Guy Like You & These Other Cats Is The Dividends. Once You Get The Bank You Gon Run Circles Around These Niggas, Because They Don't Possess Your X-Factor... You Hear Me Youngster??""... -My Uncle 😭😭😭 (Loud & Clear Unc).... #MyTurn #Harlem #CrunchTime

#TbT Bacc When The Fresh Prince Had Dinner With Tatyana... @tatyanaali #GoodTimes

It's Nothing Like Watching The People You Love Most Bring The World To Its Knees... My Chica Doing Pop Up Shops In London... I'm Talking LONDON!!! A Girl From Arkansas, Who Came To Brooklyn With A Hustle, Then Went To Cali To Spark It... Shit Is So Surreal Especially When You Know The Bacc Story... People Tell Me All The Time How Dope They Think @eenahsanairb Is.. Keep Ya Foot On They Throats, We Got So Much More To Accomplish... ❤️❤️#Matte #MatteLondon

I Know What I'm Capable Of, I Know My Courage, I Know My Gifts... Don't Be Out Here Putting On A Show Just To Appease People... Keep Your Personality As It Is, Only Come Out Of Character When You Have No Choice... Don't Be One Of Those People Who Always Need To Be Seen & Have To Be A Part Of The Moment... Don't Be A Person Doing The Most Just To Earn Their Keep... Learn To Sit Yo Ass Down & Be In The Shadows... (I Laugh At The Shit I See People Do For Validation & Acceptance).... Shout Out To The Individuals Who Will Survive No Matter Their Circumstance... #SuperFacts #LessonLearned #Harlem

I'm Very Over Looked & Underestimated, I'm Just Now Realizing How Much Of A Good Thing That Is... I Keep A Calm Reserved Attitude Because I Know If I Was To Ever Reach My Boiling Point......... This Is A Hornets Nest You Don't Wanna Poke At... #music #Fight

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