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Moana's Gallery Moana & Luana  Live in Zushi Japan🇯🇵, Papillon Moana&Luana, PastelDrawing, 🎨NeedleFelting, ☃️Porcelarts 🍽 FB : Moanasgallery Makimomo

Papillon Glassware, My Glassware Works, Printing Decals Onto Glassware🐶💕🥃🍷🥛🥤🍹🍸

Japanese Children’s Day , My Felting Works🐶💕🎏🎁🎉

Thank you so much to all for attending the Craftfesta in Yokohama🛳🐶😘💖

Craftfesta2018 is held in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse🛳🌇🐶💕

Maxdeen kennel family got together in Doman dog park🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

Momo’s Gallery 展示販売会•体験イベントとネーム入れポーセラーツのご紹介

2018 Cherry Blossom Watch , Zushi Japan

My Works 2 , The Craft Festa 2018 Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse 🛳🏙🐶💖期間中は会場内にワンちゃんを持ち込めませんのでご注意ください🐶🙏

Some Of My Works In The Craft Festa 2018 in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse 🛳🏙🐶💖 期間中は会場内にワンちゃんを持ち込めませんのでご注意ください

We’re planning to exhibit at the Craft Festa 2018 in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse 1 . 12-15 Apr 2018 🛳🌸❤️🏙🌇 期間中は会場内にワンちゃんを持ち込めませんのでご注意ください

Getting To Kamogawa By Tokyo-Wan Ferry 🐶🛳🐶💖

Luana Obsessed With Toy 🐶😘

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