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The Landmark MO, Hong Kong  A chic five-star retreat in the heart of Hong Kong’s business and fashion districts. Share your experience with #LandmarkMandarinOriental

Pick up the phone, and start calling friends and fans of #PDTHongKong - @pdthongkong will be opening every Sunday from 30 September, serving #cocktails, #hotdogs and more from 5pm till 12:30am! This time, please DO tell! #LandmarkMandarinOriental
拿起電話,開始給朋友和 #PDT香港 粉絲打電話 — 我們將於9月30日起加開星期日下午5時至12時半時段,供應 #雞尾酒#熱狗 及滋味小食!這次,please DO tell!
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Come and pamper yourself with our new dessert, the Sollies fig roti with lemon and limoncello, walnut crumble, nutmeg ice-cream, created by our pastry chef Michael Pretet. (Photo: @michael_pretet) #LandmarkMandarinOriental
快來嚐試由我們的甜點主廚Michael Pretet設計的新甜點 — 索列斯無花果、羅迪檸檬和檸檬酒,再配上核桃碎及肉荳蔻冰淇淋。(相片: @michael_pretet
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Happy #MidAutumnFestival! Let’s not forget about the ones who have been supporting the clean up in #HongKong, especially after the #typhoonmangkhut. @mo_landmarkhk @vcyclehk

Today is #MidAutumnFestival, it also marks the beginning of a meaningful initiative - the “10 Tonne PET Bottle Collection Challenge”! Along with other environment-focused NGOs and enterprises, our hotel @mo_landmarkhk is delighted to join forces with social enterprise @vcyclehk to raise awareness on plastic pollution, reduce plastics from landfills in #HongKong and create jobs for the less fortunate. The campaign will begin from early October until April 2019, stay tuned for more details!
今天是 #中秋節,它也標誌著一個有意義的活動“10噸膠樽回收大行動”的開始!與其他以環保為重點的非政府組織和企業一起,我們酒店很高興與社會企業V Cycle合作、提高大眾對塑料污染的認識,並減少香港垃圾堆填區的塑料,並為有需要人士創造就業機會。該活動將從10月初開始至明年4月,密切留意更多詳情!

Tour the Manila Farmers Market with #JoelBinamira, who did No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain, and joined by Metro Society and Metro.Style!
隨曾與Anthony Bourdain一起於節目No Reservations合作的Joel Binamira一起遊覽馬尼拉農貿市場!
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A 2,250 sq ft versatile space to impress (Photo: @theplaceiwastellingyouabout) #LandmarkMandarinOriental
Take a virtual tour of the Entertainment Suite:
令人印象深刻、2,250平方尺的多功能空間 (相片: @theplaceiwastellingyouabout
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#ImAfan of Takoyaki Tots (Photo: @thewanderingchopsticks)
#LandmarkMandarinOriental #PDTHongKong
真的很喜歡創意小食大阪燒炸薯寶,滋味滿分!(相片: @thewanderingchopsticks
Kewpie Mayo
Takoyaki Sauce
Shredded Nori
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Learn how Albin @albinbrion made a career move from professional footballer to foot care and then to offering the world’s best #pedicure treatments.
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What a FANtastic #AmberHKxMingles dinner over the past two nights! Stay tuned for upcoming four hands dinners! (Photo: Executive Sous Chef @chef_florence)
過去兩晚的 #AmberHKxMingles 晚餐實在精彩!繼續關注我們,留意下一次的四手晚宴!
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Getting ready for tonight’s #AmberHKxMingles four hands dinner! See you soon!
現正全力為今晚 #四手晚宴 作最後準備!待會見!
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Chef @mingleseoul and his @mingles_restaurant team have arrived at @mo_landmarkhk safely. We have been preparing for the #AmberhkxMingles four hands dinner for tonight and tomorrow. Due to #typhoonmangkhut, some tables on both nights have become available. Please reserve now for the gastronomic journey of a Korean point of departure with Japanese, Spanish and French influences:
首爾Mingles餐廳的韓國主廚兼老闆Mingoo Kang (姜珉求) 以及他的團隊已安全抵達 #香港置地文華東方酒店。我們正全力為今明兩晚四手晚宴作準備!由於颱風山竹的關係,現尚有座位可供預訂。趁此機會品嚐融合日本、西班牙和法國元素的韓國料理,現即預訂:
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Stay safe and cocoon in our spa, a perfect place to indulge and relieve cabin fever on a typhoon day. #TheOrientalSpa @mo_landmarkhk

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