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The Landmark MO, Hong Kong  A chic five-star retreat in the heart of Hong Kong’s business and fashion districts. Share your experience with #LandmarkMandarinOriental

Thrilled to have received FANtastic feedback on our #BGAInSoles® for high heels from our guests and learn that our service and product have brought them comfort while staying elegant! (Photo by our guest)
Why are BGA Elegant InSoles perfect for high-heels fans? The BGA escarpin provides cushioning at the ball of the feet and allows women to wear their high heels longer, and for the weight of the body to be evenly distributed to decrease the pressure on the metatarsal head bones.
Reserve your made-to-measure consultation:

很高興收到我們的客人對 #BGAInSoles 的反饋,並了解到我們的服務和產品為她們帶來了舒適,同時保持優雅!
為什麼BGA優雅型鞋墊 (Elegant InSoles)適合愛穿高跟鞋女士? BGA鞋墊為腳掌緩和衝擊,讓女士穿高跟鞋的時間更長,並使身體的重量均勻分佈,以減輕蹠骨頭骨的壓力。
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Renovations begin…and we are so excited to create the all-new Amber!
Stay tuned for more details.
Amber裝修開始... 我們很高興創造全新的Amber!
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#TheOrientalSpa wellness members can benefit from fitness, pool and heat & water facilities, Yoga and Mat Pilates classes They can also enjoy elite discounts on selected spa and fitness services and spa retail products, food & beverage and more. Sign up by this Saturday, 15 December, to enjoy additional benefits provided at our sister hotels and attractive ‘early-bird’ offers. Click link in bio to learn more.
(Photo: world yoga champion @chaukeiyoga)

#東方水療中心 尊貴會員可使用 #健身室#泳池#熱療#水療設施、參加 #瑜伽 和墊上 #普拉提 課程,以及享有精選 #水療和 #健身 服務、水療零售產品、餐飲等的專屬折扣優惠。凡於 本星期六12 月 15 日或之前申請 2019 年會籍,即可享受適用於我們的姊妹酒店額外禮遇及至抵「早鳥」優惠。點擊帳戶鏈接以了解更多。
(相片:世界瑜伽冠軍 #魏秋琪 @chaukeiyoga

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When we disconnect from phones and devices, we’ve found so many more ways to connect.
Thank you @mo_landmarkhk for the magical bubble bath experience.

#LMOTakeover #digitaldetox #MOsilentnight #MOspa @mo_hotels @landmarkhk @chaukeiyoga

Nothing’s better than waking up to freshness and feeling reconnected, either to the Mother Earth or to the Urban surrounding. Everyone must take action and be accounted for,
This simple yet powerful conviction to oneself helps and benefits not just our planet but the next generation - with my stay at @mo_landmarkhk
I'm happy to see they are championing sustainability initiatives for setting up an eco-friendly standard with full implementation.
It helps reduce plastic, filter and purifies water and most especially benefits everyone. @chaukeiyoga #LMOsustainability #LandmarkMandarinOriental

A special evening to experience full tranquility to reconnect to myself and to refocus, switching off what takes most of my attention... phones, internet, email and the like - this evening I disconnect to reconnect.
#LMOTakeover #digitaldetox. #MOsilentnight #MOspa
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This evening we encourage our fans to disconnect and unplug to think, #meditate, or just take a break from the noise. Tonight, our social media will go #silent as we join you for a night of restorative #peace and #digitaldetox. #MOsilentnight #12daysofsilence #MOspa
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Awarded for the 11th consecutive year, Amber has once again been bestowed with a two-star honour by the 2019 edition of the #Michelin Guide for #HongKong and #Macau!
Amber is now temporarily close for renovations. The all-new Amber will inspire culinary exploration and reflect the new direction we hope to take fine dining. While the menu and interiors will change, guests can expect the same care in ingredient selection, purity of flavours and standards of excellence that have always defined the Amber experience.
(Photo: @michelinguide)

Amber餐廳於《#米芝蓮 指南 #香港 #澳門》2019年版中連續第十一年榮獲二星殊榮
(相片:Michelin Guide)

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#MichelinStar19 #MichelinGuideHKMO19

This evening, completely switch off from technology, noise and the outside world, immerse yourself in a complimentary #DigitalDetox Silent #Meditation led by Andrea Lomas, Head of Group Spa Operations.
Time: 5:15pm till 6:15pm
Location: Yoga studio, The Oriental Spa, 5/F
*Advance bookings required: or +852 2132 0011

今個特別晚上,完全遠離科技、噪音和外界的滋擾,靜靜地沉浸於自己的健康之旅 — 電子排毒沉默 #冥想
地點:五樓 #東方水療中心 瑜伽室
*此為免費活動,先到先得。需要提前預約:電郵至 或致電+852 2132 0011
#MOsilentnight #12daysofsilence #MOspa #digitalwellness
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Although Silent Night is a special event that only happens once a year, our spas serve as a quiet haven of tranquility any time of the year. All of our spas offer soothing experiences intended to help people disconnect from technology, take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and practice a moment of mindfulness. #MOsilentnight #12daysofsilence #MOspa
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Two weeks till #Christmas! Candy shop, cotton candy, gingerbread cookies, chocolate fountains and more… Satisfy your sweet tooth during this festive month of December! #LandmarkMandarinOriental (Photo: @instaxsandy)
Read festive brochure:
距離 #聖誕節 尚餘兩星期!糖果店、棉花糖、薑餅人曲奇、朱古力噴泉等… 這個喜慶12月,MO Bar為客人提供各式各樣令人垂涎的佳節甜品,滿足各位對甜食的熱愛!
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Serving the last dish at Amber last night before the temporary closure for renovations… Looking forward to Amber 2.0 in late Spring 2019. Stay tuned for more details!
Amber餐廳於昨晚、進行翻新工程的最後一晚晚餐服務獻上最後一道主菜…期待2019年春末以全新面貌Amber 2.0隆重登場。繼續關注我們,留意更新資訊!
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