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MO4 Network  Creative Agency + Media Network @cairoscene @thecairozoom @startupsceneme @elfaslaonline @scenenoise @scenearabia | Offices Cairo, Dubai, London.

As the world celebrates @unesco’s #WorldHeritageDay, we look back at the places and faces we’ve come by over the last year. One of our driving missions @mo4network has always been to bring #Egypt to the world through our media platforms @cairoscene @thecairozoom @scenenoise @elfaslaonline @startupsceneme and @scenearabia. To that end our cameras and storytellers have explored every corner of this spectacular country, diving deep into its inspiring and eclectic heritage. From skydiving over the Great Pyramids of Giza and sailing over the Red Sea coasts of @elgounaredsea, to revisiting the glory of @downtowncairo and getting acquainted with the folkloric music of Aswan, we have shown that yes, ours is an epic civilization spanning 7000 years, but also, our story is just beginning.
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#MO4 started life as four siblings (hence the name ). 200 talents later, at our core, we’re still a family (albeit a dysfunctional one). We love, laugh, work and fight fiercely like a family. At times it’s messy but it’s also magnificent and that’s something we hope never changes. Uniquely within our ecosystem there are also lots of #MO4Misfits (besides our founders) who are LITERALLY family. For example, the insanely talented head of our design department @yaraelsalmi is married to @hussein_abdeltawab - an incredible account director who leads the teams handling our regional portfolio of Coca-Cola accounts, while HIS brother @hassan.abdeltawab tirelessly oversees some our biggest #Dubai hospitality accounts. Which brings us to the reason for this post. Earlier today, completely out of the blue, Hassan and Hussein’s mum (and Yara’s mum-in-law) dropped by the office armed with a GIANT home cooked feast for ALL OF US. There was no specific occasion or celebration, it was just an ordinary day made extraordinary by a #MO4Mum who decided to feed us all. We can’t imagine how much effort and time it must have taken to surprise us like this and our hearts (and bellies) are just bursting for it. So to TANTE FATMA thank you for the food and the love and thank you for sharing your two phenomenal sons with us. We are eternally grateful. ❤️❤️❤️

On Valentine’s Eve allow us to share with you our latest campaign for a client we love @uber_egypt ❤️🐶🐱🐢 SCROLL through ⬅️ for all the videos. // Produced as always using 100% pure #MO4Magic.

Our co-founder and CEO @amymowafi has been INVITED TO SPEAK @harvard about ‘Social Media and Civic Engagement in the Arab World’ as part of the prestigious @harvardarabalumni Arab Conference. This is deeply problematic for us as it just gives her more ammunition to make the argument she actually does know what she’s talking about. #HARVARD

The word ‘storyteller’ might get bandied about a lot these days, especially by agencies such as ours. But because #MO4 has media (@cairoscene @elfaslaonline @scenenoise @scenearabia @thecairozoom @startupsceneme) right at the core of what we do - because we started life not as an agency at all but as a group of writers publishing content that excited us across the early incarnations of our online magazines - storytelling really is in our DNA. So as we have expanded from four siblings sat in a living room to over 200 incredible talents, that passion for extraordinary tales still drives everything we do and seeps into every #MO4Misfit’s mindset, no matter their role or title (not that we’re all that fussed about titles). And just as we daily tell the stories of the people, places - and yes brands - shaping Egypt and the Middle East, our own story is one that we are careful to craft every day. So just when you think you’ve got us pegged, a brand new story is often just beginning. Stay tuned...

One of the most incredible things about our team of #MO4Misfits is the sheer diversity. A glorious hodgepodge of personalities, backgrounds, creative ideals and contexts. It’s that magnificent mix that allows us to - completely in-house - create and produce such breadth and depth of diversified content. It allows the same company that produces gritty cutting-edge raw and real journalistic fueled storytelling (see previous post ft the trailer to our rap documentary series) to also deliver this picture-perfect and perfectly polished video for the #FourSeasons @fourseasons @fscairofr - one of the world’s most luxurious brands and one that demands the highest standards of daily digital content. Just like the tag line on this video says, when it comes to our #MO4Misfits there is craft in every art, and art in every craft. #MO4Magic

#MO4Media presents ‘RABKA’ / رابكة#. Months in the making, this original @scenenoise DOCUMENTARY SERIES spotlights the disruptive and controversial Egyptian rappers who have garnered a frenzied following across the region. Watch our trailer and stay tuned for something unlike anything you’ve seen round here before... #MO4Magic #MO4Productions #MO4Storytellers #Egypt #EgyptianRap #SceneNoise

If there’s a social media trend happening you can count on our #MO4Misfits to be all over it within minutes. Here are just a few of our favorites they rolled out for the #10YearChallenge for clients @stellaegypt @marriottmenahousecairo @glovo_eg and @mallofegypt.

The #MO4Girls were put on the hot seat today, being featured in a special #MO4Media speed round edition of hit show #RomanseyaManseya featuring infamous and hilarious duo @yayasady and @safister. Stay tuned for the full interview with the double act who have the nation’s girls swooning soon on @cairoscene and @elfaslaonline!

SKYDIVING OVER THE PYRAMIDS! This is EPIC - 60 famed skydivers from across the world were invited to experience a once-in-a-lifetime skydive OVER THE PYRAMIDS! And as always our #MO4Media @cairoscene and @elfaslaonline had EXCLUSIVE access to the action. Three of our co-founders - @adammowafi @wallymow and @timmymowafi - were invited to also take the leap! There’s talk of this becoming a regular occurrence open to thrill-seekers from around the world. We’ll see! In the meantime keep it logged on to all our media channels - @cairoscene @elfaslaonline @scenenoise @scenearabia @startupsceneme @thecairozoom - for extraordinary stories about the people and places shaping Egypt and the Middle East and an exclusive all access pass to the hottest happenings across the region. #MO4Magic // SCROLL ⬅️ for FULL VIDEO.

We are forever fascinated by the endless treasure trove of Egypt’s antiquities, the daily discoveries, and oft-forgotten destinations where magic meets mystery. And so it was that #MO4Media’s @elfaslaonline rediscovered The Tombs of San El Hagar. Located 150 kilometers North East off Cairo, our storytellers were given an exclusive all-access pass to the restoration work happening on the site, talking not to ‘official spokespeople’ but rather those working daily amidst the desert dunes to painstakingly restore these magnificent monuments. We were also the first ever publication in the world to have been given permission to shoot dazzling drone footage in the area. Go to link in bio for full video. #MO4Magic

We have long been called upon by some of the world’s biggest fashion brands to create their local content. Here’s a little sneak peek from our current @massimodutti campaign shoot with backdrops that span Egyptian history from the ancient to the medieval all the way through to our bustling modern metropolis. Swipe ⬅️ for more.

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