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Serving 80s Barbie looks


Ya girl finally turned 16 in December! Thank you for the birthday wishes 💘✨ @velvetcreep

@donalovehair was nice enough to send me this wig and it’s such nice quality! I’d recommend them if you’re just starting out with wigs because they are really easy to work with. You can use my coupon code “mo0nchild” to save $$ off! I don’t make any money from it, it’s just for you guys to save money 💘
Wig style: SNY040

New YouTube video on gender dysphoria link in my bio! Also I’m starting testosterone blockers tomorrow and then I’ll be starting estrogen in probably March! I can’t explain how happy I am! I can’t wait to have the correct hormones in my body so my mind can be at peace. I’ll never get used to the overwhelming support I receive from all of you, my friends and family. Things are starting to look up and I can’t wait to put out more videos for you guys so stay tuned!


I have a consultation appointment on Monday with my endocrinologist for my Hormones! I’m so excited to start taking them and I’m assuming I’ll finally be able to start at the end of this month or early December! I’m also planning on making a lot more YouTube videos especially once I save up enough money for a ring light and start hormones. I know I don’t post too often anymore but I’ve really been focusing on transitioning, school, friends and everything else happening in my life. I check my Instagram everyday though so just know I’m always here! 💕💕

I can’t believe the picture on the left was me not even a year ago and I can’t believe how much I’ve grown and how much happier I am now!! I just wanted to share this because it goes to show anything is possible as long as you work hard for it. It definitely has taken so much fucking work to get where I am now but it’s honestly been so worth it. Btw I made a YouTube video about being trans, link in bio 💕(Swipe)

I finally uploaded a YouTube video! The link is in my bio if you haven’t watched it yet. I’m so happy with the positive response I’ve gotten from it. I’ve had people tell me that the video made them cry and laugh and I honestly wasn’t expecting that at all. I just sat down to film and started talking and I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I’m so happy that it’s helped some of you or made you feel better because I know how much of a struggle it is to be “different”. I don’t care much about views or likes on the video but I do want all of you to see it so we can spread positivity and awareness. Thank you so much for everyone who watched it and left nice comments it honestly means so much! 💕💕

I haven't posted in weeks I'm sorry! So It's come to my attention that a lot of you didn't know that I am transgender. It's a personal topic but I openly talk about it because I know it helps other people! I know that when I see a trans girl being successful and slaying her transition it makes me feel extremely happy and it makes me even more comfortable with myself. Knowing other people are going through the same struggles makes it a lot easier to deal with. Seeing other people being successful through their transition shows me that it's more than possible for me to do it and I hope it's like that for you as well. I hope that for what ever reason you're following me that you know that I accept everyone no matter their sexuality, gender, race, religion, etc. Thank you for all the kind words it never goes unnoticed! I just wanted to bring that all up because I know I don't talk about this stuff much on social media. 💕💕


I go back to school on the 21st :( when do you guys go back? Im also not doing a theme anymore I'm just posting what ever I want because fuck it, I'll be posting a lot more often now !

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