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β™‘ MARS β™‘  || She/they || 15 || Transgender ||

Ya girl is back ! I'm sure no one noticed but I deactivated for a couple weeks because I really needed to focus on my school work without any distractions. ALSO I'm doing another give away for you guys! Me and my friend teamed up and split the cost so it's going to have some nice things! it's going to have mostly band merch and some makeup. One out of the 8 things that will be included is a Hopeless Fountain Kingdom exclusive vinyl Autographed by Halsey πŸ˜‡ I'll be announcing it probably on Saturday so stay tuned! ❣️

πŸ’Ž πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

I haven't posted in almost two weeks ,,, sorry ! All of the love though on my last post is amazing. I'm so happy that all of us can come together and support each other :,) ❣️I posted on my story a couple days ago and asked if you guys would want me to sell merch. Surprisingly, a lot of you said yes. I'm trying my best to find a company to work with so hopefully it can happen! I'll try to make the cost as low as possible because first of all, I'm not that important. Second of all, I'm not about to rob you and sell 50$ hoodies. Some of these Instagram/YouTube people got me so fucked up with over priced merch. I don't really care about making money off of it, I just want to do something fun. On the shirt/hoodie it would probably just be a drawing of the last picture I posted. Also summer is really close so that's means I'll probably be posting more and I'm really excited to start interacting with all of you more! 🌹🌹🌹

Thank you so much for over 10k followers. it means the world to me. I thought I'd address the hate since I never talk about important issues in my posts. Believe it or not, I do get some horrible things said to me for being transgender. I've had a lot of rude things said behind my back, to my friends and even on here. I decided to announce that I'm transgender so I can start being my true self and also to help others like me. Even though I get some hate I get SO MUCH love and acceptance from my friends, family and you all. The hate will NEVER outdo the love and it will NEVER make me forget the acceptance I've received. The people that say disrespectful things about you are ignorant. Their opinions do not matter at all, especially if they are strangers. If you're in middle school or high school I want to let you know that there is more out there then your home town and the people that you are stuck with at school. If you are having a hard time expressing/understand yourself in school then just realize that once you graduate you will never see 98% of those people from school ever again. Middle school/high school won't last forever. The things that are said about you are not important, focus on making friends and focus on your grades. In the end, that classmate in the hallway at school that said something nasty about your appearance doesn't matter. Your school work, self love and mental health is what matters the most. Chances are the rude person is unhappy with themselves and they are trying to bring you down to make themselves feel better. If I listened to the hate I wouldn't be here today, I wouldn't be doing makeup and I wouldn't have come out as trans. I wouldn't be able to help others. I get messages of people telling me that I inspire them to be themselves and that makes me so incredibly happy. I also get people asking for help on how to come out, do makeup, etc and it's amazing. For some reason people look up to me but I hope I can keep on inspiring all of you. Just remember to be yourself, you're important, your feelings are valid. You can get through anything and YOU'RE LOVED. I love you, be yourself and stay safe ❣️🌹


IM LIVING (Prosecco Pop)

My makeup looks the same in every picture I'm sorry I never post quality content RIP

If you guys haven't been following me for a while you probably know nothing about me so I'm going to be cheesy and tell you guys some random shit about me- My name is Mars and I'm 15. I've been posting on this account for probably over two years. When I'm older I basically want to be a YouTuber/public figure. I'm going to start a YouTube channel as soon as I can and I'd probably just post makeup videos or anything you guys would want to see. I'm probably going to go to college for cosmetology though just in case that doesn't work out. I've been doing makeup since December so no I'm not a professional makeup artist, I just do it for fun. Also I've said this before but people still ask, you can refer to me with any pronouns you want. I don't have a preference right now so you can call me he/she/they or what ever you want. I just wanted to tell you all some stuff about me because I've gained a lot more followers since the last time I did πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’–

I want to do a tutorial on this look because it was so easy and the Stila liquid eyeshadows are actually a blessing πŸ˜­πŸ‘πŸΌβœ¨

I really want to do YouTube and make makeup videos for you guys! I just have to wait until I turn 16 so I can get a job so I can buy a camera. I tried filming a video on my phone but it just doesn't work. I know a lot of you have also asked me to upload makeup tutorials so I'm sorry it's going to take so long. As soon as I get a camera I'll film videos for you guys. Hopefully it will be soon πŸ’•πŸ’•

You guys seem to really like my makeup so I think I'm going to make a lot more makeup related posts. Would you guys want that? I've also been asked what pronouns I prefer and I don't have a preference at the moment, you can call me what ever you like. I also don't really care about my theme anymore so I'm going to post more often and more random pictures. I'll post when ever I have time because I really like interacting with all of you πŸ’•πŸ’•

I kinda want to dye my hair Peach/pastel pink next? πŸ€” I'm keeping the sliver for a while but I also want to dye it half black, half blonde ???

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