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Who else is super stoked about this tour!? We definitely are!

Who else is digging @lisajstansfield’s newest single !? 🙋🏼‍♀️we definitely are!!!!

“The feeling I got when I went to concerts was nothing like I’d ever felt before. If it was a huge stadium show, a bar or even a house show there’s this energy I can’t even begin to describe. Sometimes when I’m in public I feel like I’m under a microscope, I feel like I don’t fit society’s norms, like everyone’s looking at me wondering where my parents went wrong just because I have purple hair and tattoos. At concerts we’re all there for the same reason, the crowd is singing, dancing and being authentically themselves in a room full of strangers and it’s the most beautiful thing, to be yourself in public, to not feel like a black sheep. It’s a time to feel accepted when lost at home, at work or at school. It’s a time to see an artist that has possibly changed or saved your life. It’s a time to scream the same lyrics you’ve been dancing too in your civic on the way to work for months, it’s a time too see your friends and meet new people, it’s a time to let loose and not me judged and most importantly it’s a time for YOU. I love concerts, some of the best, worst and most memorable days have been at concerts. That’s why we started this magazine. The energy you have at concerts is what this magazine is about, to capture that.” - Rickie McCanna

An update to our recent GoFundMe.

Emo night is going on tour! These are a staff favorite and we’re super stoked for this. What date will you be at?

Our brand new issue just dropped!! Follow the link, and dive in to all the wonderful content we have this month! mnstrmmedia.com/january2018

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Hey guys! It’s Rickie McCanna here, I’m the editor and owner of MNSTRM Media. Basically, it’s my job to make and put out the issue at the end of the month, every month. This is (mostly) a split effort on my part with the help of husband and my assistant editor Elias. Unfortunately I’ve had an extremely hectic life these past few months and have had the issue out late. Whether its scheduling, or even just me being incredibly sick I’ve definitely not been able to deliver. From the most bottom of my heart, I am sorry. I defiantly wanted to have the first issue of 2018 out on time but I was hit with another strain of the flu 👍 I deeply apologize for the delay and anyone I’ve ever let down with these delays. I promise 2018 be our year and MNSTRM is going to kill it. Please keep my poor lungs in your thoughts, as I’m coughing them up. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season, and we’re ready to get to hard work on the new issues in 2018! 🎊

Photo by myself, @rickiemccanna

dat new new coming soon

NEW PODCAST THIS WEEK! Have you listened to our last podcast yet? It’s a totally unedited podcast with @coriwinn and @rickiemccanna 💖 Cori and Rickie sat down and talked about the history of the mag and Rickie’a personal growth as a music photographer. Check it out at MNSTRMmedia.com/podcast or the link in our bio 🎙

Jacob killing it at emo night in his MNSTRM gear 😎 photo by Ohiya Design

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