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Manjot  Just trying to create some magic on paper and bring my visions to life ✨

It’s exam szn. Helppp, all I wanna do is paint😭 #mnjarts

Started this piece 2 months ago and I’m still not finishedddd😭 i promised myself that I’d paint at least 30 mins everyday even with school BUT ha surprise- that did not work out #mnjarts

“Stormy dream”✨~4x4 acrylic abstract painting. This piece was a challenge but amazing to work with. I think the progress of an abstract non representational work was really astonishing for me to experience because I had never done it before. The last picture is the finished work and I can’t wait to put it up in my room😂 #mnjarts

“Connected” ✨🌙 honestly a little disappointed in how this one turned out but it’s still one of my favs #mnjarts

Can you tell I’m embracing androgyny in my artworks? Calling this one ‘suffocated by love’✨ Another sketch that turned into something more #mnjarts

Raw authenticity✨ Some people just don’t fit the mold. They aren’t meant to. This piece is incredibly close to my heart. Also, I don’t know how to take aesthetic pics of my art- so just bear with me 😅. #mnjarts

Starting a darker and more magical collection 🖤 #mnjarts

“Immortality of nature” ✨ #mnjarts

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