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mngad  A moment may be gone, but it's not gone forever.

Jump in with both feet and live your life, no matter what. Find value in it all. Make the choice to become a great player in the game that matters to you. Remember, it's okay to do out of the ordinary things that feel incredibly right. Find a quiet sense of comfort with who you are, where you are, and what you are doing. Make your decisions the best decisions for you. Make it all a part of your path to your dreams and goals. If you do that, you'll never have a reason to look back.

Congratulations, @emmmmmag!
B.S. Math Ed (2016) M.B.A.(2017)

"Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere." Margaret Wise Brown, Goodnight Moon

No wonder Lucy doesn't want to spend her day in the backyard! #wildlife #bordercollielife #poorLucy #turkeys "Your journey through college basketball will be anything but smooth. It’ll be more like a roller coaster ride – times where you feel like you’re flying, and other times where you feel like you’re falling. There will be twists and turns and jolts and thrills. It will go NOTHING like you have pictured and planned all pretty in your head. It’ll be messy and unexpected, but so fulfilling. And you’ll learn so much about life and yourself." @emmmmmag Please copy and paste the link above to read. Or better yet, go directly to @emmmmmag page and clink on the link in her bio! This is what is good about college athletics. #ncaabasketball #ncaa #basketball #collegeathlete #collegeathletics

Back in #GIA as season ticket holders for @osumbb this year for the first time in 10 years. Had a great time with @emmmmmag yesterday! #lookingforwardtonextseason #thanksfortheticketdad

Being great is not about being perfect. It's about being yourself. Get this one on the road! @emmmmmag #oceagles #team #basketball #throwbackthursday #tbt #gameday #funday

It's "Senior" (6th year, Masters) day for @emmmmmag today. What a journey it has been!
This is a girl who had the courage to dream big dreams when she was young .... and go after them with fervor. As it has turned out ... she faced enough adversity after her injury her freshman year that many wondered why she would continue to fight so hard. ... but she knew why, and so did we. She never used her circumstances as an excuse. In fact, there are few people outside her inner circle who even know what she was dealing with year after year. Call it perseverance, passion, persistence, or any other buzzword. I call it "being a Gade!" Emma ...I admire you for your strength and grace not because everything worked out exactly how you wanted. But instead, because things went wrong and you handled it. You handled it in a thousand different ways on a thousand different days. But you handled it. That will take you farther in life than anything else.

Don't ever give that up.

Your basketball playing days may be winding down, but your basketball career is just getting started. What a journey it will be!

In silence I looked at the sunset and thought about God. #sunset #nightsky #oklahoma #ok #myoklahoma #oklahomasunset #okwx

So this weekend we've got one playing way down in south Texas and the other one racing way up in Seattle ... 🏀🏃🏻#needtobeintwoplacesatonce

Loved that @emmmmmag is still close enough to drop in for supper on a rare free night! A hug from @dr_drgade before she heads back ... wonder what #Lucy is thinking? #bordercollie #thatlooktho

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