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Moon child πŸ‘½ for @nakid_magazine

No makeup so 🐭

Wish I didn't have to censor, because nudity is not inherently vulgar and can be interpreted as artful as opposed to being misconstrued as indecent or sexual... but unfortunately I have to alter my photos, so with that said, here are some more stars on my nips.✨✌️photos from a recent shoot for @nakid_magazine

#selfie πŸ‘½

You are your own magic.πŸ¦‹ I very rarely post lengthy captions, but occasionally I like to break my pattern of sarcastic one-sentence remarks or fitting emojis. Life is complicated. It is messy, nonsensical, and rarely effortless. However, through social media we make it appear a lot simpler than it truly is. It's so important to realize that a seamlessly-curated life exists for no one. We all have insecurities, stress, less-appealing moments. Never lose sight of yourself and your power because you're comparing yourself to a highlight reel of edited-down versions of whole lives. If we choose to have gratitude for all that we DO have, many of us realize how lucky we are. It's easy to desensitize ourselves to everyday magic as we get caught up in our obligations and worries. The more you open your heart to opportunity, to love, and to kindness toward yourself and others, the more you receive. Maybe it seems silly, but I would like to genuinely thank all of you who show me endless kindness and support. You make sharing parts of my life something that I truly enjoy, and I'm so grateful.❀️

Feelin' groovy 🌈✨ Full editorial is up now on @nakid_magazine ✨ So much energy and heart went into this shoot and I feel so lucky whenever I am able to collaborate with the incredibly talented and beautiful women I call my friends. I hope you enjoy this set as much as we enjoyed bringing it to life! ✨ hair/mu by @thegypsybazaar | photos by @anniewmphoto | creative direction/photo edits by me

So basically, I laugh after every selfie because I can't take my "serious face" seriously.πŸ€“

Honey, you're too sweet for rock and roll. 🍯✨

Shooting shimmery pink things for @im_with_the_band_headbands & @savetheparade1969 πŸ’–πŸŒ΄πŸŒΊ

Shot something groovy this weekend and I can't wait to share it with you!🌈✨

super bloom

Sunday morning coconut candles and sage in my mermaid cave.🐚

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