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Mark Moore, Jr.  πŸ’‘CEO of The Moore Group Enterprises β€’ Committed To Making A Mark In Ministry, Media & The Marketplace β€’ Host of #YLC2017! Register Here πŸ‘‡

Guess who was in traffic for almost two hours, missed the service he was trying to get to and was late getting on his webinar πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ lol. #ILoveMyJob

So honored to be with @doctagdavisjr tonight!!!! I missed my earlier service and I'm running late but I'm excited! #BoazIsDead

Can I ask for a HUGE favor?? This is Laiya, the sweetest little girl you could ever meet and a member of our church. I went to visit her in the hospital and pray with her because she has a procedure today and I promised her that I'd ask ALL of my friends to pray for her!
Could I ask you to spend just a moment and send up a prayer for my little buddies healing? Thanks in advance from Laiya & I! #ILoveMyFCC #YLC2017

πŸŽ™ Let God give you your OWN really don't want half of what you see. #BoazIsDead #Part2 #TagASingleFriend #ShareIfYouCare

πŸ”‘ One of the things we address in our YLC #ConferenceCulture handbook (will be on sale soon) is the fact that conferences are not about programs...they're about people. Furthermore, the way you handle the people you've been trusted with determines the success of the program.
For example, this picture was taken on day 3. I was beyond mind was tired...I'd shaken hundreds of hands...taken countless selfies...and signed dozens of books.......but this family came all the way from Rhode Island to support the vision God gave me & they wanted a picture. So you know what I did?
I picked up that beautiful baby girl, got in the middle and took as many pictures as they wanted. You know why? Because THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO COME, so it was an honor to give my time to them! It's all about the people.
#YLC2017 #YLC2018 #ConferenceCulture #MarkLoveDaKids

πŸ•― ...Motives Matter. #BoazIsDead #Part2 #ShareIfYouCare


πŸŽ™ #Singles - Can I get ONE witness!?!? "Nah...leave me alone with my little ugly self" LOL. #BoazIsDead #TagASingleFriend #REPOST

Guess who the devil hates but can't kill? 😎. Tonight could've ended a lot worse on the highway, but I'm grateful!

πŸŽ™ I know I'm not your Bishop...but indulge me. #YLC2017 #RememberWhoWeAre

Look ahead.

πŸŽ™#Brothers - Part 2 of #BoazIsDead is in the works & as much as I hate to say it, we can't be so obsessed with being right that we fail to acknowledge when we've been wrong.
Could it be that the reason she shut you down is because you (intentionally or unintentionally) gave her a good reason to? Maybe it will work out, maybe it won't. Either way, you can see it as a Loss or a Lesson....but you still gotta own that L dawg. #AcknowledgeYourPart #FixYourPart #BoazIsDead2 #Repost #TagASingleFriend

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