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Claire!  Taller than your mom

Trying to take a picture of my new hair when I was rudely interrupted... thanks @brendachristenehair for the new do!
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Rubyetc gets me 10000000%

Bought tickets to #england to see some of my favorite people with some of my favorite people. Can't wait. 💜🇬🇧

Made friends with this chunky bro. And by made friends I mean he scared the hell out of me by flying into my face then landed on my boob and wouldn't leave. #mothsofinstagram

#lifetimefitness thinks it has jokes. 🎂 #birthdaygirl #ilookgreatfor60

I used to hide my legs. I refused to wear shorts or even capris, no matter how hot it got. I was embarrassed by my skin tone, my cellulite, by the way I looked, and didn't know how to change it. I always suspected that I didn't actually need to change myself, that I just needed to stop listening to the comments, but actually doing that was...tough.

Then one day, I did stop listening. To society, to those people. I'm not entirely sure what made the switch flip, but it did. Sometimes that anxiety is still there, telling me I'm not good enough, that even my best doesn't cut it, and what I am isn't what it should be. But the incredible, compassionate, and impressive people who have somehow come into my life are reminder enough that yeah, I'm doing alright. And I wear booty shorts now, because who's gonna tell me I can't?
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BIRTHDAY PIES with @jasec89 and the fam. I told Chris to do "pretty Instagram hands" and this is what I got.

It's been a wild 24 hours. Got off work Friday, drove to Asheville, saw a friend who was just passing through from Australia, met a tailless kitty, many lovely soft horses and dogs, stayed in a gorgeous tiny house, nearly died at a crossfit gym, ate so much good food, and casually got to hang out with actual real life wolfdogs with two of my favorite people.
Thanks @kelly_the_warrior and @mranderson0311 for being the best, as per usual. I can't wait to come back!
#asheville #fullmoonwolfdogrescue #wolfdog #catsofinstagram

Lifty things - form check for @wilcoxstrength_emily
Could stand to go lower in the squat but my hips were tight as hell and didn't feel like it, so.

Desperately want to go back...maybe with more sweaters next time. #iceland @jujupitts @tigridestaedium #thricefireandice

If I ever completely disappear from any sort of public life, I've gone back here. #iceland @jujupitts @tigridestaedium #thricefireandice

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