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TLC  How do I have time to do anything. Also this feed is 50% cats. My online store below!

5 years since Norm & I started dating and he introduced me to my favorite pizza place and 5 years until I finally had their white clam pizza

I met a fellow lamb (2 weeks old!) plus some farm animals

Damn my personal stuff is all dark. I'm Tina, I am a graphic designer who occasionally cosplays and illustrates. I'm currently obsessed with designing pins, you can buy my art and pins in the link in my profile! #artvsartist

Maleficent design by @shoomlah
Maleficent photo by @sillywhims
Corvo (3) & Eileen (9) photo by @cyber_bird
Oktavia (7) photo by @omg_dj_judy

My brother doesn't have Instagram so I'm gonna get a little sappy here bc the only way Chinese people show their love to their family is privately where the person will never see it.

Scott is 12 years older than me and practically raised me. He's a stern pain in my ass sometimes but I wouldn't be anywhere without him pushing me nor functioning as my mouthpiece to my parents as we navigate their collective medical history and small business needs while balancing our own busy lives. He's a subpar teammate in video games but he's an excellent brother to team up with. Happy #nationalsiblingday
Photo by @alongophotography
Dress by @heyhailo

The fight for sits is about to commence

I blanket-stitched these banners in like 2 weeks my fingers hurt. For @cookie_brigade at PAX!


Easter pups! Fenway, Savannah, Scout, Homer, Mia, Mack, and Shadow!

Successfully made 2 color chi chi dango (mochi)

Newest batch of portraits!

Took @kiryuu1 to my fave places in Flushing: Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao, White Bear wontons in chili oil, (formerly) Sifu Chio's shrimp wonton soup, Xian Famous Foods, Tianjin Dumpling House, Xinjiang BBQ cart, and tried cheese foam tea at MiTea (really good!)

It's Pierogi & Samosa's 7 year adoptiversary! This is the best pic I could get of these two assholes today

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