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Michelle Meech  flawed and beloved human doing the best I can. Enneagram teacher, priest, and wisdom seeker.

Another species found at the Rectory... wild grapes. Quite beautiful and tasty. Explains why so many of God's creatures find their way through here.

Love God.
Love your neighbor.
Change the world.
Thank you to the St. John's Social Concerns Committee for our new banner and to Cathe Decker for designing it.
#changetheworld #jesussays #episcopalchurch

What we've been learning about w the fine trainers from the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond. #undoingracism #changetheworld

We're hosting a huge Undoing Racism Workshop today (and tomorrow) here at St. John's. Over 70 in the room... artists, musicians, law enforcement officers, social workers, school board members, clergy, theatre actors and directors and techs... all the helpers and storytellers.
Thanks to the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond for facilitating.
Let's do this again soon. Let's change the world!

When your church building is the polling place and you live directly behind it... there really is no excuse. Go vote!

Deeply thankful for the ministry of Don Hart and Norm Hendricks today. They cleared the weeds along the side of the building and parking lot last week and today, they took saws and clippers to the huge beech branch that fell last month in the backyard of the Rectory. Now, there's some beautiful firewood as we dive into cooler autumn weather. Thank you, both!

If anyone has a wood chipper, we're still looking for some help with the enormous pine branches that fell last March!

First Wednesday was back today! Our time for coffee, conversation, lunch, healing Eucharist, and an educational opportunity. For September's First Wednesday, we talked about using prayer beads as a tool for immersing ourselves in God's Holy Spirit and that got us talking about our comfort with and reliance upon different spiritual practices.

Everyone received a set of beads, thanks to a quick trip to Michael's where there was a sale on beads and some helpful hands to put them together into beautiful combinations.
What a sweet day!

The Roses of Sharon are waving "Hello!" And saying, "Don't forget about beauty!"

Wednesday's Backpack Crew... Jeanne, Jen, and Sara (not pictured again). Not as many poeple today but still important to be there and help out our neighbors who need a little bit of help.
Thank you!

Tuesday's Backpack Crew... Cathy, Anita, and Kathleen, plus Deacon Sue was there earlier!
The folks at People's Place are so thankful for our help with this. And they do an incredible job of serving the community. Hanging out there for a little while, you get to see what a gracious place it is and just how many of our neighbors need a little help.
Perhaps we can help with their "Project Santa?"

Monday's Backpack Crew from St. John's:. Florie, Cathedral, Sue, Cathy, and Sara. Plus Nilsa was here earlier too.
Thank you, everyone! Let Deacon Sue know if you want to help out this week... we definitely need a few folks for Tuesday and Wednesday!

Vacation. Day 2.

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