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Mr Mum Cycle Repairs  Trade qualified motor mechanic turned bicycle repairer.

Another beautiful bike! I love my job and feel extremely grateful that people trust me with their 2 wheeled babies

Saw this beautiful piece of art today. Thank you to the owner for letting me get up close and personal 👍

This harmless looking scratch in the hydraulic brake hose was enough to destroy a set of brake pads. The leak only showed up under harsh braking, the fluid tracked down the hose, and onto the calipre!

Not bike related, every now and then I get a chance to reminisce about where my mechanical journey started. This is a beautiful trip down memory lane at the recent “Cars and Coffee” day at the MTAQ car park. I worked on this era car (minus the LS1 engine) as an apprentice many many years ago. I was then and now still fascinated by how things work 🤔

What a difference bar tape can make to the look of a bike

This tubeless wheel wouldn't hold any pressure. This handy work came from the LBS. Can you see the problem?

This is the 2014 Evolution series shock with open chamber damper cartridge. Not the best design as the damper control piston head is a press fit onto the main body's aluminium shaft (see circled). This usually renders the damper cartridge unserviceable when it comes apart. Challenge accepted. The circle shows the control body after being repaired. This cartridge lived to see another day 👌

Manitou Swinger 4 way coil with SPV. Layout not in order, but close enough 😉

Shop set-up from new. Something doesn't look right 🤣🤣

The wrong seat height has a huge impact on your body and the balance of your bike. This bike fit was tricky because the client had a pre-existing major right knee injury from a motor bike accident. It meant his knee could not cope with too much knee bend in the closed position.

2007 Giant Reign 1.
This thing has all original spec(except tyres)Amazing to see the progression from then to now

This cute little kids road bike fitted with additional safety brakes

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