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Weightloss Inspire Motivate  I lost 70% of my bodyweight in 2 years Learning life all over again HW 500 | CW 150 | 5'10" RNY 5/14 | TT 7/16 SCROLL down, have a look, you WANT to👇👇

Rules Meeting
Ruff 'n' Tuff 3
April 2016
Port of Spain 🇹🇹
Love working in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.
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I shared this photo last year on my previous account and now am sharing it on @mmazach. It's still one of the best side by side of myself 2 years after Gastric Bypass surgery and after having the skin removed as shown on The Doctors. I fully expected to fail at losing weight. I never saw myself under 300 pounds and I ended up losing more than 350 pounds!! If you are reading this and struggling know that you're not alone, know that you're not the only one out there going through that, I did too, are used to have to peel grapes just eat grapes when I first started out I learned that it was easier to put it in the freezer that I got bored of that so I just chew him up and spit them out. Hell I would smell something and just get full off of it my weight loss was really a fun time I got to learn everything about myself again and I still lamb every single day and I'm happy to be alive and share my amazing success with the world. -
RNY (Gastric Bypass Surgery)
Heaviest Weight 500
FDL Tummy Tuck w/ Muscle Repair
Hernia Repair
Butt Lift
Male Breast Reduction
My clip from the TV Show "The Doctors"
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Something that you should be aware of if you're looking at losing weight that you're not just gonna lose weight in your stomach arms or your body but there's areas on your body that you lose weight and that you never saw coming like your hands your face your ears your eyes. I went from a size 13 foot do it sized and you can see the definition of my foot now you can see my bones even see my ligaments you can see all that whereas before I couldn't fit my damn foot in a shoe without getting a special issue special I sock all that crap that goes with with being overweight and obese. Being with my foot truck and you can see how fat it was I lost an inch in height because of this I went from being 5'11" to 5'10". Does that mean that my whole body mass index changes? One would say yes when would send out either way I'm not underweight I'm perfectly in with my weight range for my height or what charts say. Do many people think I'm thin yes, do I care..? No, I had eight surgeries in the last 10 months I've been stuck in bed for over 70 days why am I going to try to gain weight and muscle when I know that I'm having muscle deterioration. There's no point in gaining until least next surgeries are over that's the truth. Small steps in the right direction help but also looking ahead at where you're going to be at or where you want to be at helps as well to if I start picking out while I was laying back in bed I can guarantee then I'm gonna have a fat stomach againon me and I'm not gonna still have abs developing like I do now. Wow this went off on a rant I'm just gonna post it why not Monday life... there is probably a handful of spelling mistakes in this but since I'm talking into my phone I blame Siri… It is what it is I might change it another day story of my life #losingweight #sidebyside #beforeandafter #weightloss #foot #feet #smaller #travel #walking

That time in March 2016 when I went on @thedoctorstv.
I didn't know then but I had no clue what was in store for me next....
Maybe one day I'll finish the rest of my skin and who knows actually share my story, not just a quick glimpse when I'm nervous AF, new suit, tie, shoes all without glasses on a stage that is sloppy like a bowling alley and I've never walked on it before.... just life from my POV. #iwasontv #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #motivation #motivate #extremeweightloss

I grew up in this car, this was my fathers 1968 Ford Mustang Coup. I have vivid memories of myself as a child riding to school in this car. He parked in back in the 90's when gas was in the rise... and it sat for 23 years. This last Christmas 2016, my father passed the keys to me. Before I die I will restore you. 🙏
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That time that I was on a TV Show in Europe and I still have never seen it... wtf Zach lol. I forgot about this... #weightlossjourney #betty #whoops

--Sunday Story Day--
It helps me personally a lot when I put it into perspective for my mind on how big are used to be.

My name is Zach Moore @mmazach and between 2014 to 2016 I lost 70% of my body weight (350 pounds).

I know some of you can relate to what that means. For me it was and is hard to see how big I was. Body dysmorphia I think someone told me...

Hell I still have moments where I asked Amber if I was bigger or smaller. And it's always Baker. I've only met one person who is larger than me and that was also while in California last September for Tv, he is on his own journey to health (@jermainesjourney).

I did not realize I was the size of three humans. That's crazy. Looking back now it's just mind blowing that I made a 360° turn before it was too late.

obesity is an ugly life. Being fat being overweight relying on others being shamed upon picked on not being able to walk for requiring others to help you cook clean bathe baby powder pointed out made fun of you can hear people under their breath making funny you overweight stores for clothing… All the psychological shit going on in my head… I forget where I started I forget where I've been fucked the rest of it do what you do best Zack block out the haters go on with life. I am amazing. I am me. I'm unique. I am loved. I am a survivor. One in 1 million. This last rough week I just put it in perspective a lot of things and it's been up-and-down there's been a lot of negativity and a lot of hate in the world and in my life and on social media and everything but I am going to try my best to put these hater blockers on giving the bird and go on about keep a happy face cheer :-) so yeah the support that I've had this week and help the messages thank you all we got this!

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🤔 never forget why
🤔 never forget who
🙈 stop looking at hate
🙉 stop listen to hate
🙊 stop with the hate
😎 hater blockers on

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