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Munay & Grendel  The Peruvian Princess & the Trash Cat King, living large in Philadelphia, PA.

Munay is doing amazing! She’s been spending a lot of her time working hard as a model for @drmartensofficial. 😂

UPDATE: Munay’s stone is COMPLETELY GONE!🙏🏻😭Thank you SO much to everyone for sending all your good thoughts our way. I’ll continue to bring her to regular follow ups, but we she is looking 100%. So happy that she’s safe & sound.❤️

My two sun bathing beauties.😍🌞

Good news!! At our vet appointment today, we learned the bladder stone is definitely shrinking 😭🙌🏻! We will continue to keep up on medication and follow up appointments until it’s (hopefully) completely gone. Thank you all so much for your support! 🙏🏻 (Also, zoom in to see Munay’s one blue eye, and one half hazel eye. 👀)

Munay update: she’s still in the same routine of daily antibiotics & bi weekly check ups! We have an appointment coming up this week & are hoping for good news.☀️In the mean time, she’s learned to sit in the window with Grendel patiently together, and now that the weather is getting warmer, they’re both on bird patrol!😂🦉🦅🦆

Munay update! I apologize for the silence, I’ve been out of the country for a work trip (don’t worry, she & Gren were in great hands). ✨I have been continuing to give her antibiotics & making sure she is hydrated. The vet told us some great news - her stone shrunk a tiny bit! This means that every two weeks we go for x rays & keep her on medicine with our fingers crossed. We still won’t be out of the clear until we have a couple more samples to make sure that her kidneys & liver aren’t being harmed in any way, or that they aren’t actually the CAUSE of this stone (a possibility). Please keep sending all your positive energy our way! Thank you all so much for your love. Here is a video of M from a couple of weeks ago, chasing dust. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

Morning snuggles — more like Munay with a death grip on Grendel😂! Munay had a follow up appt with the vet yesterday. We are continuing antibiotics & waiting to hear back about yesterday’s x-ray. We will continue with antibiotics to precent/resolve any infections surrounding the stone, until the vet tells us otherwise. Thank you so much for keeping up to date with us!❤️

Munay update: she’s on day four of her antibiotics & seems to be acclimated to her new food diet just fine. We have her follow up vet appt on Wednesday, and will determine when to get an ultrasound/they will be checking on the size of the stone — hopefully looking for shrinkage. ❤️

Today is Munay’s birthday! 🎉🎈When @kittenxlady & @iamthecatphotographer rescued lil M from Machu Pichu, they calculated her birthday was around this week, so March 9th is the day. It’s crazy to think that over a year ago this sassy baby was rescued from the clutches of excited children, and now lives bad & bougie with me and Grendel. 🎀Thank you so much to everyone who is keeping up with her current health situation, but let’s send all the HBD thoughts her way. Happy birthday Munay Michi, I’m glad to be your parent!

Munay update: Grendel has been a super sweet big brother, making sure that she’s being looked after (especially when I’m at work)!❤️I am starting Munay on her antibotics this week, and she will be going to have an ultra sound within the next couple of days to get a closer look at her bladder, kidneys, and liver. She’s almost completely weened off of her old food and seems to be loving her new prescription food. 😌Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to Munay’s medical procedures & healing process. Even with my personal “cat savings” all of your help is ensuring that our favorite girl gets the best that she needs. ❤️

Munay update: her blood tests came back from the vet, and they’re looking further into different possibilities of her stone including anything pertaining to her kidney or liver. Because the bladder stone is so big & she wasn’t showing any symptoms, the doctor wants to make absolutely sure where the cause is coming from. 😣She started a new diet, and in two weeks we go back to see if there’s any possibility that it has shrunk. I will keep everyone posted in my stories of her progress as well as her medical procedures. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, and reached out. Because of your love & support, Munay will receive the absolute best treatments she needs. ❤️Until we know what her next move is, she’ll be continuing to snuggle thinking of y’all!

Hi everyone, little miss Munay has a very sudden bladder stone that the vet discovered this week, and it looks like our little queen needs to have emergency surgery. ANY support & donations would be greatly appreciated, so that I can get this baby all the help she needs. I will keep everyone posted on her recovery ❤️The donation link is in my profile / where I will post updates for her. Please send all your good vibes our way. 🙏🏻Thank you so much in advance!

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