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Mariah Lorraine  Walk by faith, not by sight. 🌻

Was feeling a little fluffy after my cheat meal today but its day 11/105 down 8 pounds and this picture just reignited my fire. Tomorrow is a new day. Let's get it.
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The kind of girl I'm trying to be.
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Sometimes you fall off the wagon for 2 years before you get your crap together. 😂

Sunday night activities. 🤘🎉
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"I can't adult today, and tomorrow doesn't look so good either." Perfect shirt as I head into my 3 day weekend 😍
Workout done, ready to live up this 3 day weekend. And by 'live up' I mean deep condition my hair and get my nails done. 🤘💖
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Incase you needed a reminder today like I did. You're doing great ❤

The last 4 months have suuuuuucked but I have discovered a strength that I never knew was there and I am crazy in love with this feeling.
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I'm a work in progress 😂

I just go to work and try and do my best everyday. I whole heartedly love my job and the people I work with. I feel so incredibly blessed. ❤

Holy cow yall my brother really is getting married. 😅
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True life: I look mean but I'm actually really sensitive 😂
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This past year was a whirlwind.
I made the decision to leave college in January.
Became lost and unemployed in February.
I let March get away from me trying to find my way.
I started my career with Houchin in April.
I became officially licensed as a phlebotomist in May.
Watched my best friend graduate from college in June.
Had one of the best summers ever in July and August.
Turned 22 surrounded by my favorite people in September.
Had one of the hardest months of my life in October.
Found myself and my independence somewhere in November.
Became fully trained at work and took a leap of faith and got a new car all on my own in December.
And here I sit bringing in the new year with mixed emotions of sadness and extreme happiness because although this year didn't go anything like I planned, it was everything I didn't know I needed.
I am so grateful for all the Lord has brought into my life this year in the form of much needed lessons.
And all I can do is pray that this next year brings nothing but happiness and more opportunities to grow and learn.
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