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Matthew Lineham  #mlinehamart • NYC I'm determined to make all the things I wish existed when I was a kid. ⬇️ Shipping Worldwide

Depeche Mode prints available at! (2016 painting. Gouache on paper) #depechemode #mlinehamart

Glad to see people discovering Harry Nilsson again through “Gotta Get Up” on the Russian Doll soundtrack. Nilsson is one of my favorite songwriters of all time and I hope people look deep into his catalog. Here’s a quick drawing of him from a few years back.

My ‘TWINS' inspired piece for the '30 Years Later' show at @galleries1988 last year. #gallery1988 #mlinehamart #30yearslater #1988 #arnoldschwarzenegger #dannydevito #twins

Thanks again for all the valentine love! Between Halloween, Christmas, and valentine releases, October through February is a complete blur for me. Now is the time I’m finally able to work on new things and pay attention to actually becoming a better artist. Over the next few months I’ll be working on gallery shows and other secret fun stuff (sadly, a lot of stuff I’m not even allowed to unveil for another year!). Thanks for all of your support and I can’t wait to finally show you all what I’m working on!

Thank you all so much for all of the reposts and love on this Hallmark holiday! I know these valentines are silly little pieces of paper but when I was kid, they were art. Before I knew anything about collecting artwork or had any money whatsoever, I would LOVE getting these in school from all of my classmates. I’d put them all in a folder and obsess over the tiny images and stupid puns. I liked the weirder ones like nicktoons or crash test dummy valentines. These tiny pieces of paper, from every classmate, allowed me to feel loved before I even understood the concept of romance. I hope I’ve provided the same feelings with my alternative spin on a classic idea, even if that idea is something as ridiculous as perforated valentines. 📷: @melusinarecords

Here are my Rocky Horror valentines from this year! #rockyhorrorpictureshow

Here are all of my 2019 new wave valentines! Still available at!

You can still get these 80’s Classic Valentine packs at!

Valentines on sale at! #80shorror

Valentines on sale at! #davidbowie

One hour left of The Trenton Punk Rock Flea! You’re only allowed in if you attended The Stooges first show. No fake punks allowed.

Valentines on sale now at!!! #humanleague #thehumanleague

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