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M Leighton  NYT, USAT, WSJ Bestselling Author. Levi's Blue.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that this is not false advertisement. They taste EXACTLY like cotton candy. #Grapes. #Fruit. #Healthy. #Yummy

So, we weren't in the TOTALITY zone, we were in the NOTALITY zone:(. This is what our eclipse looked like. *sigh*. But the ring is pretty cool! #Eclipse2017Selfie.

My super cute nephew is visiting. Love him;). And that hair! Be jealous, ladies! #Family. #LoveThem. #Proud

This image will show you two things. 1. The name of my computer. 2. The cover of my upcoming book (surprise!!). THE BEAUTIFUL NOW brought to you by Princess Banana Hammock. Errrr, I mean by M. Leighton:)

Things NOT to do at night when you'd actually like to GO TO SLEEP at some point. Read a page-turning suspense thriller like IN A DARK, DARK WOOD by @ruthwarewriter #CantStop. #GonnaBeUpAllNight. #LovingEveryMinute. #BookNerd.

We were meant for more than an ordinary life. We were made to thrive. #Thrive

I reach up to feel his mouth, to confirm what I already knew. He's smiling. #LevisBlue. #PaintTheWorld.

Hubby and I visited a tiger rescue place today. I suck at photography, but look at this amazingly beautiful white tiger!!! She's lying at the water bowl and she just lazily bends her head and gets a drink when she feels like it:). #SmartGirl. #Animals. #AnimalLover. #Rescue. #LoveDontHurt.

I needed a little reminder to believe even when things aren't looking the way I'd like, and I came across so many good ones I thought I'd share them all:). #Believe.

She was standing there barking at me and I said, "Come here and let me pet you." This was her (nonverbal) response. I think it means "eff you" in dog. 😂. #ThatsLoveForYou. #ThatsTheThanksIGetForFeedingHer

A wonderful friend sent this to me and it made me think. I DO love this beautiful life, but every day I need to love it a little more:). #Grateful.

Never gets old. #Bacon. #BaconMug. #BaconJokes.

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