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M Leighton  NYT, USAT, WSJ Bestselling Author. Levi's Blue.

When you learn what most sunscreens have in them and you go full hippie and just make your own. 😜. #TheHealthyWay. #IKnowWhatsInThis.

My phone's wifi died and can't even be looked at until Wednesday. That hurts. Then my purse strap broke. It is my favorite one. Purse not strap:). THEN I come home to find that my husband has shaved into a mustache. WHAT? Seriously??? Is this Friday or Monday??? #SendHelp. #SendPrayers. #SendClippers.

I'll agree with that.

Shirts of truth and wisdom for this girl. 😜. #Love. #ThatIsAll

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! God bless this great country and every amazing one of YOU! #Celebrate. #BeHappy. #BeGrateful. #BeSafe.

This sign arrived today. It encompasses where so much of my soul and passion have been in the last couple of months. This book... I can't even explain it. All I know is that I hope when you read it you feel it from my heart to yours. If you're interested in keeping up with the details, you can follow my new Michelle Leighton page. That's the name that will be bringing you HEART, so fasten your seatbelt:). A special thank you to Shutterly Beautiful for the plaque and to Sarah Black for the rec. I love this more than I can say. #DandelionSummer.

My life is super exciting. Have I ever mentioned that? This is what I'm doing on a Saturday night in the summer. #SoGlamorous. #NotEven. #Scary. #LookAway. #HappyWithMyNormal. #HappyWithMyBoringLife. #Grateful.

One of the two most wonderful men a girl could ever be blessed enough to know. I miss him every day, but he's happier where he's at:). Happy and healthy and pain free, chatting away with Jesus. And I'll see him again one day. Until then, I'll live the best life I can, be the best person I can be, bc that's what he taught me to do. Y'all, hug your fathers today. Tell him how special and loved he is. Enjoy every day you can with him. #FathersDay.

Some days just need a nice maple glaze:). #DontJudge. #SaturdaysDontCountRight? #OneIsAlreadyMissing.

What am I doing on this beautiful sunny day? One guess. #MyFirstKayak.#PrettyGreen #LakeHereICome.

I'm not complaining. I'm just sayin'! #Hawt. I'm gonna sit quietly over here with a smile on my face as I melt. 😰. VerraHawt.

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