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THE WAY WE BURN is coming!!! June 24, 2018

Irresistible attraction. Unimaginable danger.
I knew from the moment Noah Williamson walked into the diner that he was haunted—deeply haunted—but I couldn’t resist the lure of him. He was gorgeous and fascinating and mysterious, and like a delicate moth to a brilliant blue flame, I was drawn to him. Drawn to his fire.

But if I’d known about his job, about what happened to his wife, I’d have run the other way. Before I got caught up in the red-hot blaze of his life. Before everything in my world got burned to the ground.
It’s too late to run now. I hesitated and that was it. I fell. I fell for him before I knew there was danger in loving him.
Noah once told me that this is the way we burn—together or not at all. At the time, I didn’t know what that meant.

Now I do.
COMING JUNE 24, 2018

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Leave for the day and come home to find your dog has scratched her eye. She looks like a terrifying Petey! (She’s fine BTW- and now that I’ve recovered from a heart attack, I am, too 😂). #ScaryPetey.

Every time it showed Dr. Strange in Avengers, I thought of this and silently giggled. Okay fine, a couple of times it wasn’t very silent. 😂. This just gets me. Every. Single. Time. #WhatsYourNameAgain. And I also recovered my IG account. Yahoooooo! #BackInTheSaddle

Hubby is gone so Jake Ryan is keeping me company:). #SixteenCandles.

Trading in my dog-walking flip flops for dog-walking real shoes:(. Goodbye, summer! See you next year. #Fall. #Brrrrr

Guess what book I’m giving away in my group:). #CashDavenport. #DownToYou. Come and join—�->.

The color sucks, but it’s the great pumpkin (patch), Charlie Brown! #Pumpkins. #Halloween. #Fall. #Thanksgiving. #RoadTrip.

Giveaway paperbacks are FINALLY here! Look how fat this book is! 458 pages of Dane-and-Brinkley goodness:). If you haven’t read it, you can pick it up now for FREE with KU (maybe get in some Saturday reading hint hint). 😉—�>

OMG. FOR REAL! I’ve finished a bunch, but if I ever finish all the ones I have out, world!. Lol. #Goals. #FocusWoman.

If you like to read AT ALL, this is the best 2 bucks you’ll ever spend. I LOVED this story!!! Get it while it’s on sale!

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I feel like this is what I’d look like as a fish. #RandomMusings. It’s also how big my eyes have been all weekend because #ScaryMovieMarathon. #HalloweenIsComing. #BringIt. #TimeForPranksAndScares.

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