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Emily Deahl  The Ice Cream Girl 🍦


Thank you to my mega talented friends for helping me sound better than I do in the shower @scottygouldjr @mralanprice @sundayent @stuplaysdrums @coreytstephens @phiferchristian & to @echomountainrecording @cmiller2288 for all the beauty & amazingness that you are. This Ice Cream Girl’s heart is so full ❀️🍦

Thank u @erickbizzel I can’t wait to come back!! πŸ˜πŸ’«πŸŽΆ #Repost @erickbizzel
She be da real "deahl" @mledeahl. @aclfestival Look out for this one @sxsw ✊🏽Amazing talent and person. --> https://youtu.be/37CK4KhyQXI #atx #aclfest #artists #music #goodvibes #goodpeople #austinmusicexperience #sxsw2018 #emilydealh #billboard #artistvillage #star

Thank you #texas πŸ™ Can't wait to spend a lot more time in you❗️

writing lots of new songs lately, most of them on the floor πŸ‘™
#sundayvibes #christmasiscoming #music

Looking for the #eclipse yesterday like...
#thanksfornothing #clouds πŸŒ‘πŸŒ¨

I ❀️ girls.. and boys.. and aliens.. and everyone deciding whether or not they belong on planet Earth 🌏 #girlstho #girlsgirlsgirls @landon_neil

The Ice Cream Girl is out now on Apple Books πŸ“šπŸŽπŸ¦ #fofree @apple
#bookstagram #books #apple #icecream

5 years ago this is what my show looked like πŸ˜‚ Tonight's show will look nothing like this. But feel free to bring glow sticks ⚑️ I'll be @elliotboroughminibar from 8-11 with @chrishollymusic come party!
#theicecreamgirl #icecream #charleston #livemusic
@jasemanhattan @dem_dreamz

The Ice Cream Girl is having an ice cream concert party tonight in her living room & you can live stream it right here on her Instagram starting @7 EST🍦#2daystilnationalicecreamday #icecream #theicecreamgirl πŸ“Έ @landon_neil

Ice Cream is available now!!! @applemusic @amazonmusic @spotify

The Ice Cream Girl, Chapter 7/7 🍦

The final chapter of my book, The Ice Cream Girl! Check out the full story on my profile and full video by clicking the link in my bio- thanks for tuning in friends! 🍦

Video by @stuplaysdrums dancers @lindseybshinn @monicakesling 😬😬😬

The Ice Cream Girl, Chapter 6/7 🍦
Video by @stuplaysdrums
As time passed by
She began to grow tired
Of seeking her happiness
From the outside
Then a lightbulb went off
In her head full of hair
That what she had been seeking
Was already there
She didn't need a cone
Or a boy or a dream
She just needed her voice
And her two dancing feet
She didn't need to move
To west from south
All she needed was herself
Ever since she lived in the house
Now the only way through it
Was what she'd known all along
To dance a new dance
And sing a new song
Not through ice cream
Or hatred or sadness or both
But to open her heart
To help others cope
So she opened it up
To the bottom of the abyss
And what was inside
Went something like this...

The Ice Cream Girl, Chapter 5/7 🍦
Video by @stuplaysdrums
So she moved to a town
Where the sun shined bright
The people were nice
And the food was just right
She started dancing again
And singing new songs
And singing them loud
For all to sing along
But soon sadness crept in
Like a nasty little bug
It took away her fun
And her spirit and her love
It took away the joy
From enjoying things
Like skipping about
And eating ice cream
For all of her life
When things made her frown
She turned to ice cream
To flip it around
Now what she loved most
Came at a cost
For it was a constant reminder
Of what she had lost

The Ice Cream Girl, Chapter 4/7 🍦
Video by @stuplaysdrums
She searched and she searched
For a reason to stay
She sobbed and she cried
"Please make this pain go away!"
But she had to go home
And try to forget
So she returned to the house
The house where she lived
Her smile wasn't smiling
Her laugh wouldn't work
Her heart was as cold
And as dark as dirt
She tried to fight through it
Through rhythm and rhyme
Still searching for something
That she just couldn't find
She knew she had to get up
And dust herself off
Before all of the pain
Made her world stop

The Ice Cream Girl, Chapter 3/7 🍦
Video by @stuplaysdrums
In this far away place
She performed every night
The crowds screamed her name
But something still wasn't right
'Cause when she got sad
Ice cream was no longer enough
Until one day, unexpectedly,
She fell in love
The feelings she felt
She had never felt before
All she needed was him
She needed nothing more
They walked hand in hand
They skipped shoe in shoe
And they ate ice cream together
Because he loved it too!
A love like this
She had never known
Until it turned dark
And she had to go

The Ice Cream Girl, Chapter 2/7 🍦
Video by @stuplaysdrums
She made her way
To a city with lights
With hills and with stars
That shined brighter than bright!
She was surrounded by others
Who shared her same dream
Who found comfort in things
The way she did with ice cream
They all had a hope
A desire, a wish
They all told her
"No! Your dream is too big!"
And as the years went by
This is what she started to believe
So she went somewhere else
To be happy and sing

The Ice Cream Girl, Chapter 1/7 🍦
Video by @stuplaysdrums
Once upon a time
There was a girl in the South
Her name was Emily
And she lived in a house
Her hair was curly
And golden and long
Her heart ticked to music
Her feet tapped to song
She loved to perform
To dance and to sing
But most of all, perhaps,
She loved ice cream
Whether chocolate, vanilla
Cookie dough, or cherry pie
Whether she would laugh
Or whether she would cry
Whether she was happy
Or sad or annoyed
She knew it would be there
To fill her with joy
But the older she got
The more she dreamed
Of dancing bigger dances
And singing bigger sings
So with a cone in her hand
And no fear in her heart
She left the house
To pursue her art

Happy 4th! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ#hungoveraf #sleepygirl @landon_neil

The Ice Cream Girl begins in 2 days - while I wait I'll be trying to find the best ice cream in charleston.. any suggestions? @lindseybshinn @monicakesling @stuplaysdrums #theicecreamgirl #icecream

Do I need glasses now that I'm an author? Do all authors have glasses? How do you author? Get my book July 11th or watch the story unfold here starting July 5th 🍦 #author #theicecreamgirl

The Ice Cream Girl on a boat again 🍦 can't wait to share chapter 1 with you in 5 days! 😬 @landon_neil

Chillin in my @channelsofcharleston suit w the amazing @landon_neil 😍 who's ready for the 4th? πŸ™‹πŸŽ†πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ¦ #icecream #sailorgirl #boatsandhoes

A book I wrote about my life that concludes with the music video for my new song "Ice Cream" in the final chapter. Chapter 1 starts July 5 🍦

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