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Look at this lovely country style kitchen! And that gorgeous blue ceramic tile on the island 😍 Fooled you!!! That’s our Blue Cement Tiles Wallpaper from our Kemra Collection.🤭🤣But doesn’t it look amazing!? Katie from @our.home.on.a.hill renovated their kitchen “where all the ‘real life’ happens!” Not only did they add an entire island that wasn’t there previously but covering the facade with wallpaper brought so much more character into the room. Well done Katie! Such a fantastic idea! 👏👏👏🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⠀

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The @OneRoomChallenge is naturally...well, a challenge. 😆 Taking on your teenage son’s bedroom as part of the challenge is a whole other type of feat. 🤪 But that’s just what Tiffany from @myeclecticnest did. And very successfully I might add. 👏👏👏She used our Soft White Bricks Wallpaper to go with the minimal look that her teen wanted but with enough interest and texture to give the room a little something extra toward mom’s taste. 👍 Her blog takes you through the whole process. We will link to it in our stories. Check it out. Well done Tiffany! It looks fantastic! 😍❤️🙌⠀

#wallpaper #brickwallpaper #whitewallpaper #whitebricks #whitebrickwallpaper #oneroomchallenge #orc #minimal #teenbedroom #homeinspo #bedroomdecor

When it came time for the @oneroomchallenge, Rebecca, interior designer from @seainteriordesign took it head on! 👊 She had 160 square feet of new office space to renovate. Did she want to go classic with a touch of gam? Or modern chic?⠀
She used our Peonies & Anemonies Wallpaper with beautiful yet subtle black and white blooms. 🌺And when you see the before pics, it illustrates SO well the transformative effect of wallpaper. She did a fantastic job and she goes into great detail all about the thought process and the challenges from week 1 through week 6 in her blog. It’s a great read! We will link to it in today’s Instagram Story. Well done Rebecca! 👏👏👍You’re a champ!🏆⠀

#wallpaper #officewallpaper #officeinspo #homeoffice #blackandwhitewallpaper #neutraldecor #oneroomchallenge #orc #decorideas #floralwallpaper #interiordesign

She’s always up to something fantastic! 🙌 Ashley from @thedecorator_on43rd renovated her master bathroom over the past year. Apparently it’s still a work in progress but it looks absolutely fabulous to us! She has our Tile Progress Wallpaper above the bath tub and that just makes that gorgeous pendant light and wood shelving beautifully pop. Well done! Can’t wait to see more! 👏👏👏❤️❤️😍⠀

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Sometimes “these yard sale/thrift store dressers just need a little vision and a lot of paint to update them.” Marg and Liz of the @fancyfarmgirls are amazing at taking something old 🏚and making it new 🏠like they did with this dresser they got from Craigslist. 🙌 And all these amazing projects look even more fantastic when they are showcased against our Distressed Timber Chevron Wallpaper👊. We’ll link this renovation blog feature on @HowDoesShe in our stories. Looks beautiful girls! 😘👏👏👏❤️❤️⠀

#wallpaper #dresser #furnituremakeover #renovation #timberwallpaper #woodwallpaper #chevron #whitewallpaper #homeinspo #farmhousetyle #farmhouse

Care for a drink? 🍾 I think it might be impossible to refuse in such a warm and inviting space. Alicia and Evan from @themidwest_nest made a feature wall using the Geometric Timber Cube Wallpaper from our Kemra Collection and created a beautiful 😍backdrop to display their liquor. Now, I don’t know if could use a glass of your finest red 🍷or a glass of scotch 🥃 straight up. Either way, I may kick up my feet 👣 and stay a while. 😬⠀

#wallpaper #geometricwallpaper #woodwallpaper #timberwallpaper #masculinewallpaper #brownwallpaper #warmwallpaper #bardecor #winebar #winedecor #homeinspo

Setting the tropical vibe to set the mood and to stir up appetites...that’s what @mrgoodbeans did using the Pineapple Harvest wallpaper designed by @kingdomhomedesign. Whether you’re satiating your taste buds with a smoothie or açai bowl, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise surrounded by delicious tropical decor. 😋 Yum!⠀

#wallpaper #tropicalwallpaper #pineapple #tropicaldecor #palms #fooddecor #foodwallpaper #fruitwallpaper #homeinspo #kitcheninspo #decorideas

Crazy, Sexy, Cool! Reveals for the @oneroomchallenge have been popping up and we’re thrilled to have been involved in such a lively space such as this one. @shannonclaire designed this room for @libbylivingcolorfully using Our Garden Bloom Wallpaper designed by @kingdomhomedesign. This quirky layout has been hashtagged #projectsexycoffin and described as “70’s granny chic.” We love the colour palate and all the details like the disco ball and the way it showers the room with little lights. And c’mon...a booty vase?!! #bootyvase by @meeganbarnes. ⠀
The pendant light makes a statement that this is a place like no other. So unique! ⠀

You’ll have to check out Shannon’s blog for all the details and more photos.

Swipe left to check out some of the other amazing shots by @laurametzlerphoto #apartmenttherapy

Huge thanks to all the mothers out there! 👏🙌We constantly witness the time, the sacrifice and the love 💗 that moms put into making the lives of their families priority #1. Whether it’s creating spaces that feel safe or environments that spark a child’s creativity, we see the care, the attention to detail and the straight up elbow grease 💪🏼those moms demonstrate on a daily basis. Like @misskyreeloves in this pic. A while back she installed our Whitewashed Timber Wallpaper on the wall and that beautiful art piece 🌸 by @yorkelee_prints to create a beautiful nursery that felt like a sanctuary for her daughter Alaska. As she sits there on the floor reading to her little one, 📚enriching her mind, we’re reminded of the way our mothers were with us when we were just babes 👶and the all efforts we were too young to understand and appreciate. Thank you for all you’ve done and all you continue to do. Happy Mothers Day!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘⠀

#wallpaper #timberwallpaper #woodwallpaper #fauxwood #fauxtimber #nursery #nurseryinspo #mothers #happymothersday #momsday #mum

From mama’s tummy 🤰and straight to the jungle! 🌴🦒🌴🐆Amanda from @HouseLust decorated her nursery using the Jungle Palm Wallpaper designed by @kingdomhomedesign to create a wild sanctuary for the little one that just arrived on Monday, May 7th! Congratulations and welcome to the world little Otis! We’re loving this install as well as all the other accents from the pendant lamp to the rug. Swipe left to see more including pics of the install and a pic of the room from before. Love ❤️❤️what you’ve done Amanda! Bravo!😍🙌👏👏⠀

#wallpaper #junglewallpaper #tropicalwallpaper #greenwallpaper #bananaleaf #nursery #nurserywallpaper #nurseryinspo #decorideas #homeinspo #funwallpaper

A little goes a long way! 👍🏼When interior designer @samszabla1 was renovating this 1948 Miami Shores home, he used our wallpaper in a few different spots. Here in this small space he used just a couple of drops of our Tropical Flamingos Wallpaper with its deep green palms and bright pink birds to create a stunning and stylish accent wall. It adds a splash of colour and a whole lot of personality. So fun!👏👏💕⠀
📷: @kiksz

#wallpaper #flamingos #tropicalwallpaper #tropicaldesign #tropicaldecor #greenwallpaper #palmswallpaper #interiordecor #decorideas #featurewall #accentwall

Set eyes on this beautiful feminine powder room. When @jillian.harris and her team donated their time and corralled a host of willing companies to help the @MamasForMamas charity renovate their headquarters and donate resources, we not only saw all the good that can happen when people come together with the best intentions, but we got to see some gorgeous interior design work by Jillian and her team. Here is just one pic of the powder room using the Tropic Like It’s Hot Wallpaper she designed in collaboration with our Tastemakers Collection. It’s an absolutely beautiful space and we were thrilled to be involved. ⠀

#wallpaper #powderroom #flamingos #flamingowallpaper #femininewallpaper #girlywallpaper #pinkflamingos #mamasformamas #jillianharris #powderroominspo #powderroomwallpaper

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