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Mark Kurian  I love celebrating people in my life! This account is made to encourage, celebrate and share some great moments in my life


What a great night! Celebrating @bhlmagazine 10 Year anniversary Party! Announcing @lisavanderpump as our new #editorinchief and celebrating 10 years of doing this crazy thing! Thanks for everyone who made the night extra special!!

Love @bradludden! This guy is truly epic! His vision and his heart are truly something to be celebrated! Love hanging with him!

Someone in your life always shows up when you need them. @ryyoung is that someone for me. Love being silly with him, and eating donuts!! Father's Day was made a little easier because of this amazing friend!

Anyone can be a father, but it takes a man of character, integrity, passion, love and willingness to be a Dad. I have said it many times, I am lucky that my Papa Gar was the verb form of father. He flooded me with advice, love, humor and memories I will always hold close to my heart. Singing to the top of our lungs as we would drive to lunch, to sitting with me and asking me provoking questions that challenged me to making me laugh with his silly humor, I will hold all those memories so close to my heart. I will carry on his legacy! Miss him so much!! #rightfrontfenderforaford #laughaminute #verbformofdad

Tomorrow is going to be a rough day! Father's Day without my dad. We miss him so much. It's only been 8 days and it feels like a lifetime. We love you Papa Gar! We miss you every single day. We promise to celebrate you and all the joy you brought to us.

One of the things my dad always said he was proud of was my weight loss. He always would tell me how happy he was that my health was getting better. He never made it about my looks, always made it about my health. This week I am reflecting on the things that made my dad special. So here's my #tbt

I wish they would do more of this at the #hollywoodbowl! This was such an amazing night! #tbt

Love spending time with @shinebysho and making life a reality with her!! Here's to big things ahead!

I love flowers! And the flowers that are coming in are just beautiful! This week was made a little brighter with these beautiful flowers but most importantly by the beautiful letters that came with them! Thanks to @krisjenner @dustinrmorris @bryanlefeber @shinebysho @douglastruesdale

Happy Birthday to my big sis! @tamikur have a great day! Love you and here's to a big year! So many things to be proud of! Happy happy Birthday!

The last few days have definitely had tears but through the tears there has been laughter and sharing stories about Papa Gar! This is one of my favorite moments with him. We went to the beach and literally sang to the top of our lungs! At first I was so embarrassed and then I just embraced the moment and now I will never forget it. I love the memories I have and will always have and cherish. He was a unique, funny, wonderful and loving man. I am eager to keep his legacy living on! Miss him so much it hurts.

This is the hardest post ever!! My Dad passed away early yesterday afternoon. He passed listening to music next to my mom. He passed peacefully. I already miss him so much! Thank you Papa Gar for always lighting up when I came into a room, for never makngi me wonder if you were proud of me, for making me laugh and making me think and for always being the VERB form of father. We will continue your legacy, I love you with all my heart. It doesn't feel real, but I have zero regrets when it comes to our relationship. There are no unanswered questions, I never wondered if you loved me, I knew you did. Spending time with you was always what I needed. Love you! I miss you so much already! My mom was his angel, my Papa Gar passed with knowing he was loved!!

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