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michelle koesnadi  @loft_20 || @studio20jkt || @_kerokoo all things beauty related : #mkoesnadiRecommends ✉️

i dont usually permanently archive my videos in my actual phone drive. Most of them I just store them over Instagram’s cloud or something since I dont want to clog my phone memory... but, when I do... it’s usually something that I wouldn’t want to forget like this jade rolling lovin toddler. Too cute (maybe I am biased...) to never not make me smile

havent done any #empties post for a very longtime. so here are a mix of products I’ve used over the course of 6 months. some repeat, some new ones. I’ll be labelling them with “WR = Would Repurchase” “NR = Not Repurchasing”. 🍄#Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil (WR) : correction - Already Repurchased. Amazing first oil cleanser formulation, zero sticky/slicky feel after contact with water. Removes all makeup.
🍄#TataHarper Spot Solution (NR) : didnt do anything to my zits unfortunately
🍄Tata Harper Clarifying Moisturizer (WR) : I like this ALOT for daytime application. It’s moisturizing yet it controls the oil on my face. I noticed that my t-zone & cheeks aren’t as oily after mid day and it gives a even tone/texture throughout.
🍄#OSea Hyaluronic Sea Serum (WR) : it’s lightweight, plumping, hydrating, yet not sticky. That’s everything I look for in an HL based serum. I still have other HL based serums to try, but I would totally purchase a full size if I didnt.
🍄#LaRochePosay Hyalu B5 Serum (NR) : Despite the hype (even my fave youtuber LiahYoo approves), my skin unfortunately does not. I do like how plump it makes my skin, however every time I used it, my skin would form little bumps all over. I’m not sure why but I suspect it’s due to the alcohol being high up on the ingredient list.
🍄LRP #HyaluB5 Creme (NR) : I suspect this is the gel/creme version of their line. Again, texture and consistency is great, but I also suffered from tiny bumps even during the test period around neck area. With that said, I didn’t move on to testing it to my face.
🍄 #AgentNateur HolliRose Deodorant (WR) : not face care, but definitely a bodycare I would repurchase & splurge on. I know there has been deodorant theories linking to unfavorable diseases (although I haven’t researched much on that), so I made sure I’m better safe than sorry. This was made with only 8 ingredients & aluminum free. 10/10 for the non-deodorant-ish scent, 10/10 for keeping my pits dry & fresh even during sweaty days. -
(continued on comments below)
feel free to ask questions in the comments ! I always try to answer them my best...

middle one : always the one borrowing other’s daughter(s)
swimwear all by @_kerokoo

this is the quick 1 min version. watch the detailed tutorial by clicking the IGTV button near my stories highlights.
Prep Products :
@agadirarganindonesia volume shampoo
• LivingProof Prime Style Extender
• Kerastase Incroyable Blow Dry Heat Protectant cream
Tools :
@hairbeauronid @hairbeauron curling iron (large , 34mm barrel) : set to 170•C
• H&M scrunchie

totes around ! I finally had the time to “film” (i put that on quotation marks because filming actually just equals to shooting on my phone 🤣) this hair tutorial over the weekend. will put in some tips on how to make em last till day 4/5... now , i just need to find time to edit and crop... so stay tuned for it !
tote bag by @josvli

I thought I’d put this on #MkoesnadiRecommends permanent records. I received alot of questions regarding the purple shampoo + gloss process I did over instastories. So I’ll be answering them here (and if you still have questions feel free to comment & ask)!
the steps & methods are described on the picture(s) above. Swipe to the left for the instructions + before/after pictures. I start with the Agadir shampoo but you can use whatever shampoo you already have for this stage. Then move on to the purple shampoo. I’ve been using the Fanola one for almost a year (usually every 3weeks ish). I’m very happy with it and would recommend this for platinum/light blondes as well. As for this “set routine”, I’ve only discovered it for about a month. I’ve googling about home gloss treatments for so long and the DpHue one seemed to “click” most with my needs after seeing @amyserrano ’s youtube. andddd indeed it worked really well in toning out the brass & keeping my highlights from looking too yellow / contrast with my base color. The DpHue gloss brings back the deep ash brown tone as opposed to warm brown that asian hair is prone to. It is also very deep conditioning without making my hair feel “heavy” (in fact I could still go for as long as 4 days without washing even after this home treatment!) -
@agadirarganindonesia shampoo from @jackhairstudio || @fanola no yellow shampoo from @andreaszhusalon || @dphue color boosting gloss from @allthingschicjkt (it’s not listed on their page but I asked them to specially pre-order this)

brunch and snow playdate with this girl @kathleenfleurabbygail .
please dont start asking me “why not have your own daughter?” 1) I think 2 boys are enough
2) it’s up to God whether he thinks I’m up for another girl or boy
3) 9 months time in the belly is easy peasy, but it is that lifetime oath we have to commit in nurturing and caring for our children in order for them to be the best version of themselves that makes us parents. not just guardians...
with this said , try to not ask married couples who havent conceived yet too ! maybe they dont want a child.. maybe they’ve tried, but not given yet.. maybe they cant & it truly saddens them if you keep bringing the topic up... there are zillion other topics out there to talk about !

this is my “go to” daily outfit . When I dont know what to wear ... need to look polished but still casual : no other than the classic skinny jeans & tucked in t shirt (the tucked in part is important for me, i think it helps make the tshirt look more neat & proper)... -
the shirt is @atsthelabel and them making this line of tshirt(s) is literally a dream come true for me. There’s 4 colors & I got all 4 of them 😂. the neckline is a bit, making them look more polished instead sloppy.

as promised ! I will be doing more outfit posts with items that are already in my closet. I’ve actually been doing this for a long time. I like to splurge on classic items that I can wear for years and never get bored. this is the @sol.rtw x @sergeantkero collab dress I wore from my last ootd (just 2 square images away on my instagrid)
I basically just let my hair down, changed the shoes & bag for this little black dress to look appropriate for a daytime chit chat over ice cream. NEVER under estimate the power of shoes + hair + makeup for you to easily transition from day-to-night and vice versa. barely had eye makeup here, but I had full on smoked eyes for the previous outfit with this dress , so that changed the vibe of the outfit ✌🏻
soooo if you’re struggling to go from day to night : • change shoes
• smokey eyes / red lipstick
just go & dont worry too much..

my favorite brushes .
apart from skincare, I also have a thing for finding the right brushes for the right purposes. And like skincare, they also take trial & error before getting that perfect match. So here’s my current faves (swipe left to see the numbered version of the photo)
🍉1. lamica x bubah alfian powder brush : i use this mostly for bronzer. Perfect density & shape to softly sculpt those cheekbones.
🍉2. lamica 215 eyeshadow blending brush : after 10 eyeshadow brushes all from budget to premium ones, this one’s my favorite to apply eyeshadow all over my monolids. The not-so-dense ends makes feathery soft blended effect not so hard to achieve. I love this so much that I have 2 : 1 for light color & 1 for dark color applications.
🍉3. lamica 212 crease brush : i use this mostly for bottom eyeline applications (since i dont really have a crease). The point yet soft ends makes that nice bottom shadow look nice. Also great for blending eyeliner into eyeshadow together.
🍉4. dior flat eyeliner brush : i’ve had this for 8 years i think & i dont know what I’d do without it. I smudge pencil eyeliners into “soft wings” with this on a daily basis (see tutorial on #MkoesnadiRecommends)
🍉5. artis oval 7 from @peoniessister : the all rounder “base” brush. For foundation + concealer work. Makes blending work less of a “cardio” & idiot-proof. slightly pricey but worth the long run.
🍉6. chanel tapered powder brush : this and hourglass ambient light powder = god sent skin! In a pinch, when I travel, i also double this for blush & bronzers / shading. Great multitasker. 🍉7. lamica 105 tapered brush : budget version of the chanel. This is bigger & less dense, so I prefer this for blush usage (i have no idea why but the classic blush brush dont quite work for me). Creates that natural flushed look. 🍉8. lamica 123 flat top buffer brush : i like to dampen this & blend in cream blushes / highlitghters / liquid bronzers.
photobackground : manual magazine
all @lamicabeauty brushes are PR Gifts. Others unmentioned are personally bought.

not the best lighting.. but one of the best black dresses in my closet ! in fact, so versatile that I wore it for 2 days straight... first time for a wedding (shown here) , just throwing a batik print scarf on top... and 2nd time on my next post... -
Actually I was thinking.. how’d you guys like it if I started doing more repeat pieces styled in different ways for my posts ? Let me know, id love to know your thoughts ! -
dress : @sol.rtw x @sergeantkero

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