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Marques Brownlee  I promise I won't overdo the filters.

👋🏾 📸 @avocebehindthelens

Gimme iPhone XS's videos and Pixel's Android on top of that. Anything you'd change?

Got my hands on Asus Zenfone 6. I love that it's flat bezelless. AND I love the idea of using the main camera as an A+ selfie camera. But WOW this flipping hinge seems fragile 😬

Here’s what’s on my OnePlus 7 Pro homescreen in as epic a shot as possible 🤓

OnePlus 7 Pro, my new favorite phone for the last 3 weeks - mostly because of the blazing speed. It has a 90Hz OLED display. Full review is already on the channel!

Sometimes I think Mac knows I'm talking to a camera, but other times he gives me this worried look like"dude why are you talking to yourself so much" 😅🐶

Purple-ish Pixel's price and performance will predict if people pick it proudly past..... other phones.

They say you learn the most when you step outside your comfort zone. So this is a photo of me MILES outside my comfort zone: Giving a talk to hundreds of advertisers about why I make YouTube videos.

Lemme tell you, holding that clicker makes you feel like an absolute baws 🤓

What is this FOLDING DISPLAY they've loaded this article on?!

This is the Laowa 24mm telescope macro lens, AKA sniper/mosquito/elephant trunk. Easily the strangest lens I’ve ever unboxed. No idea how I’m going to use it in videos....... but I can’t wait.

‪This is wild. Standing 300 feet from where the New Years ball drops in NYC and I find my face.... waaaaaay larger than life. Hopefully someone on the sidewalk got to see me taking a picture of a picture of myself 😭‬

It's crazy how you take 1 photo and suddenly that's how the world knows your face. Profile pictures are weird sometimes. But that badge tho 👌🏿 #creatorsummit #noteethsmile

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