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Huynh Kim Xuan 

Tiết mục quảng cáo sô cô la nóng Highland của mẹ bỉm. #mymy

Chúc cậu tuổi mới bình an, vững chãi, khoẻ mạnh và tự do. #birthday #family

I miss this time ! #happyyoga #sisters

Lại nhỏ Em !!!

Test “son”. #BDaygift

Short hair team #withoutme

with this interesting girl #thuthu #mung3tet#quenchupmymychuadamchupnono

I’m an asian girl and a person with unique combination of experiences, thoughts, stories and feelings. I’m also at the age when people around will start to question my marriage status. They ask worrily when i get married and my answer has always been “I don’t know”. To me marriage is more than just love and a contract between two people who claim they will be responsible for each other then end up suffering just because of that responsibility. Marriage is somehow a sacred commitment in which the two independent, happy and conscious people voluntarily promise to support and bring out the best of each other. Marriage, in that case, will attract me more....Recently people are so sure of themselve that make me start to worry about my perception towards mariage and life, but i know i’m still on the way understanding and loving myself. I need to have pure affection inside to give love, creativity to create joy, patient to be modest and wisdom to guide my to sum up it will has been a long time till my friend recieve my engagement invitation card and i love my life now.

To save one of the best time of the year and also the beauty of the youth. Happy Lunar New Year!!!

Mother and her Daughter !

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