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Monica / Momo  "Accept the lesson life is trying to teach you, and become bigger and better than you can imagine" 🔹Biz Development 🔹Quintex 🔸Revive River Heights


💯🤗 That moment you need to take a deep breath after laughing so hard or you'll pass out #thebest

Here's a short bicep and shoulder circuit. Each exercise to be done for 30 secs no break between exercises. Try 3 - 4 rounds.
Pace should be slower than shown, focusing on each contraction. 👌🤘👊💪 Revive training runs right through the summer!! #revivefitness #winnipegfitness #winnipeggyms #circuit #burnout #trainer #summertraining

The memory of you gets stronger and stronger everyday. So grateful for that. I love you and miss you so much! 🙏❤ #teextraño #shessobeautiful

This is one of the best quotes / pieces of advice I have heard.
I much now and have always preferred challenging conventional ways and methods. Time to focus on learning and collaborating more with others in all aspects of life.
Quote: Business Insider Marissa Mayer- CEO of Yahoo.
#levelup #businessdevelopment #learnfromothers #dothingsthatscareyou #businessinsider

You my brother and I wouldn't trade you for anything. But that's cause I haven't had a good offer yet. 😄 jk! Love you and Happy Birthday! @djtva #siblings #hbd

"You're always late Monica!" "Be patient Monica!" That's what I'm always told. Well this is the stupid shit I do when I'm early and have to wait🙃🙃💃 😂
Lesson of the day: Nothing seems to happen randomly. "Dance in the rain while you wait for the sun" - to me that means enjoy the work while getting to your goal, enjoy the lessons while learning where you should be. Most importantly, appreciate the people in your your life, and the new ones that enter it. They are there for a reason. HAPPY LONG WEEKEND and enjoy the journey!
#danceitup #patience #unforgettable #ridewitmeboss #journey #tilligetthere #motivation

Happy Mommy's day to this beautiful Mamita!! Te quiremos muchisimo. Gracias por todo que haces por nosotros! @djtva @martha.e.mora#beautifulwoman #mom #familia #grateful

Part 2 - We spit a lil, swallowed a lot 😂 #winefest #wpg #latinas #sidhusisters #hahajokes

I'm not very good at taking a moment to myself. But today I did one of the most satisfying things I have ever done.
Leaving a meeting, stopped at a red light, the plush green grass on the median next to me caught my eye. The sudden urge to get out of my car and lay on that grass came over me. So that's what I did! Stopped at the park across the street, got out of my car in a dress and heels and laid on the grass lol. Closed my eyes for 2 mins to feel the sunshine on my face.
For 2 mins, I did what I wanted, not cause I had to or cause it would give me a particular result but just cause it satisfied me for those 2 mins in peace. Gave me such a feeling of gratitude I can't explain. So simple. #tryit #focus #self #takeamoment #reflect #mindfulness #recharge 🌺☉

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