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Aww brotherly love. 😍
I told Adam to hug him, he was hesitant then Aiden starts shouting I can't breathe!! 😂😂😂 #GoodwillingtonAdventures
Too bad I didn't have a hood on or that would have been me, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe next time.

So this happened.... And yes I was the one who influenced it. #SorryNotSorry
The kids and I laughed so hard in store. #RealMatureMom right here. 🙋🏻#GoodwillingtonAdventures

Ohh lawdy this is me to a T right now!
I just made this song a Zumba routine that I was so proud of and now I've been playing it in all my classes. 🙈

Just sharing some #truth #Repost @wthfilm
Did you know that the USDA admitted that eggs cannot legally be labeled: "Nutritious& #34; , "low fat" "part of a balanced diet" , "low calorie" , "healthful& #34; , "good for you" , or "safe ." #whatthehealth #whatthehealthfilm #wthfilm #themoreyouknow

I kicked ass today,👊🏼 23,026 steps and 126 active minutes. Also 13 hours of 250+ steps. 💪🏼🙌🏼 Needless to say I am exhausted and definitely need more sleep! 🙈 #Fitbit #Fitbitlife

My girl 💕 She was being so crazy and begging for attention. she looks so happy. 😍 #AuriThePuppy

Just me and my boy hanging out helping me shop for my bridesmaid dress and having lunch.

My big goober, I love this girl so much. 💕#AuriThePuppy #ilovemydog

A while back I bought a planner to keep track of my days because I am awful at remembering important dates. Even with a planner I'm still awful at remembering things, but it is something I'm working on.
I got my sister into using a planner and we were both into it, then I stopped. But she totally inspired me back into it. Thanks @dianaisabella
Also having a Polaroid Zink printer has made the planning process so much more interesting. I love that I can now have tiny photo prints to stick to my planner and remember eventful days.
Just look how cute things look!! Just don't look to closely, because I did not workout as much as I would have liked, and I ate like if I had not eaten in weeks. 🙈🙈🙈 #NoRegerts

Family fun day at the annual #Mudfest
We had fun getting muddy, and I'm thankful for not dying or 💩 my pants. But I will admit it was kinda fun. #mudfest2017

She said yes to the dress! I am so happy for my sister, she picket out a gorgeous wedding dress. Congrats sister!! And I loved our girls lunch afterwards. Such a wonderful day! 🤗

Describes me perfectly. 👌🏼

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