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Michelle🌟  Hakuna Matata💃 evesblessings@gmail.com 😊


Haaaaa😹😆😹😆😹 Our first Halloween together 😁 Jerome and Shenehneh from Martin👏🏾👏🏾 ❤️LOVE YOUR SPOUSE CHALLENGE ❤️ #day5 hoe! Lol this was classic and hilarious. His shoe (which we got from goodwill) fell apart and his teeth kept falling out😆😆 #loveyourspousechallenge #hubbynwifey #love #halloween2014 #playafromthehimalayas #whatsfornexthalloween ?! @stillturninheads #lovethe90s #martin

I committed to 7 days, not 7 days in a row right😕 ?@mrs_ktaylor shit🙊 Lol well here's #day4 of the ❤️LOVE YOUR SPOUSE CHALLENGE❤️ I'm gonna finish strong😆💪🏾 Posting pics everyday for 7 days is tough for me. And this picture is terrible (gettin low on pics🙈) lol we couldn't remember to look up at the mirror for the picture so we just said fugg it😹 @stillturninheads We must work on our selfie game☝🏾️!
#loveyourspousechallenge #yepweareinacabin #love #yourarmslookhuge #imfinishingthisdamnchallenge #hubbynwifey ❤️❤️

Even with all the turmoil of this world, we still have to be thankful and grateful. Easier said I know, but still necessary because we're still alive and living. ❤️LOVE YOUR SPOUSE CHALLENGE❤️ #day3 @stillturninheads #meandmybooandmyboobooridin #loveyourspousechallenge #sothankfulforyou #blessed #alive #loved #southernuniversity✊🏿💙💛 #alwaysreppin #hbcu #susonexpress 👈🏾😆 @danibrown85 @jay86er #dearsouthern

❤️💓LOVE YOUR SPOUSE CHALLENGE💓❤️ #day2 This was like 2yrs ago! We had so much fun this night babe. I was drunk as shit no lie @stillturninheads 😆🙈 @mrs_ktaylor I'm actually having fun going through all our pictures lol😄 Thank u for making me do this, now it's fun! This was my first and only try at the faux locs. It took me forevvveeerrr but they came out cute💁🏽 #loveyourspousechallenge #love #drunkbutcute #cycloneanayasdidit #hubbywifey

Ok @mrs_ktaylor lol here goes it. I was challenged by my dear friend Krystal Hackney Taylor for this ❤️ LOVE YOUR SPOUSE CHALLENGE ❤️ Here's me and my spouse #day1 the week after our wedding we went to Vegas for a bday celebration😁🎉 (Btw I thought my hair was poppin hahaa😄) #loveyourspousechallenge #love #tbt #whatdididotogetmyhairlikethis ?😐 lol

Very well said @lenadunham ✊🏿❤️🙏🏿 #altonsterling #peace

"Mama, mama you know I love you
Oh you know I love you
Mama, mama you're the queen of my heart
Your love is like tears from the stars
Mama, I just want you to know
Lovin' you is like food to my soul" (Singing as if she was here😆) 👑I love my mom so much. I'm so glad I look like her. Talk like her sometimes. Quote her words as I heard her say to me before. Inherited her gift for art and creativity. The influences on me from my mother are endless!👑 She's my #1 and our love is our strongest bond👩🏽👑. (And did I mention, how beautiful she is?!😄😍❤️) #happymothersday #mama 😘

Just me and my best friend✊🏿❤️💯 @stillturninheads

Shit this is funny and makes me emotional at the same time ❤️😹❤️😿 #prince ✊🏿 #Repost @jsonfredericks with @repostapp.
Jamie did the BEST Prince impersonation EVER! Y'all remember this ? (Link in my bio to watch the full Prince part, @instagram won't give me 60 seconds yet 😩)

#Repost @stillturninheads with @repostapp.
My favorite picture of the night. Queen & King!!! Look how she grabs my head tho 😍😍😘😘 @mjanae85 ...

My husband forwards me these inspirational messages every morning, that one of his good friends writes and sends to him. The one today is especially special because a lot of times our own disappointments can shadow or shade our faith. If we trust Him, we are faithful, and disappointments will come & go but His love and His grace will manifest the beauty and peace that we seek🙏🏾. Thanks honey 😽 @stillturninheads and thanks Cam @cowabungahcameron ! I look forward to these messages everyday ❤️🌟🌍😊 #love #trusttheprocess #evesblessings #pregnancy #postpartum #bellycast #placentaencapsulation

👀😯 @stillturninheads do they know something we don't? Lol😆😆 (FYI: Not pregnant guys just thought it was funny to see my name on there💕👶🏽👶🏽💙) 🙈😹 #onlyGodknows🙏🏾🌟😎

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