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Jennie Wayne  🤱🏻 • 🗣🎶 • 🍇👩🏻‍🌾

You should’ve heard the sound that came out of his mouth 🤣 #babysgotpipes #monochromaticminam

One year ago today, our boy joined the team. Parts of his birth were traumatic for my heart and my body, and I am still healing. BUT — what I wasn’t prepared to experience was the deep satisfaction of GIVING to your baby (even if it means you suffer a little), or of having so fewer choices for myself that whatever I can choose is SO MUCH better than before, or when you haven’t *really* slept in a year, and you wake up very early to your baby’s little hand pressing on your face, staring at you, saying “adada”, and maybe drooling in your eye a little, and you fill with JOY. That all those things are possible feels like magic to me.
So, Happy Birthday to Minam, who loves walking, climbing on Watson, gravel, handing you things, unloading the refrigerator, and Daddy ❤️

✨✨Watson wins✨✨ #watsonpup #patientdoggie #happensallday

One part of motherhood I particularly enjoy are the things that were SO available to me before that now are special occasions. Certain little activities have never been so glittery. Like when I have 45 minutes to myself for the first time since that solo outing in Mexico, I’m going to take a really hot bath a 4pm and drink tea while I’m in it and eat a very fancy cookie I made and listen to classical music on the radio. Next time it’s going to be that small can of champagne in the fridge 🤩🌈💫

Happy to be back in our cozy comfy house. Minam’s happy about his toys that he had forgotten, and about the new rug

Adios Oaxaca, you were beautiful, as usual. We will miss your quesadillas, mole, agua fresca, and neighboring villages. We’ll also miss all the positive attention we got while traveling with a baby, because apparently if you have an infant it’s like you’re traveling with a celebrity 🤷🏻‍♀️

Even though most meals leave me with avocado smears on my face and arms and bean bits on my clothes, and we each have to scarf while the other holds the baby, and my hips and back hurt from the carrier, it’s so fun traveling with Minam. Getting to show him new things every day is so gratifying ✨

Completely enchanted by San Agustín, once again. Our lodging, not so much, but you can’t win ‘em all. Thankfully, we learned that exotic water parks with many pools and lots of water slides that serve you Victorias will erase any less-than feelings ✨ #cucaratchas #airbnbfail

This boy and his pools of water. Splashed gleefully for 30 solid minutes 💦

We ended out the year in Oaxaca, and my heart sings being here. Happy New Year 🎈✨

Today is Minam’s life equinox—-37 weeks+3 days in, 37 weeks+3 days out. Funny to remember in the earliest days he slept in an apple crate because he arrived before his bassinet did. Now he has teeth and wishes he could run around the block. We love him and his sloppy open mouthed baby kisses with our whole hearts ♥️ #minamrye

Trading Spots -or- Maybe We Should Get Minam His Own Dog Bed #watsonpup #minamrye #daddyhasthesameoutfit

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