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My eyes are down here 👽

Making it up as I go 🌙
with @victoria.ibarra

Tootsy the cow 🐮♥️

Sheesh I love the world 🌍

Even though I am so glad it’s fall, I miss my jeans being soaked from the ocean and this sunny plant wall 🔮🌿🌙

Haven’t posted in two months so 🤷🏼‍♀️

My dream house would be entirely covered in succulents 🌵🌏🌞🌈

Life is so wild and magical ⚡️🌺☕️

8 things learned in 18 years

1. You are never too late to accomplish your goals. Life has perfect timing to everything. Things will happen exactly when they are meant to, don't give up.

2. Be honest, your feelings and thoughts are incredibly important. Preach them because there is no point to covering up your truth.

3. Your true friends will love you no matter what. Even when you don't see them for years. The moon is still the moon in all its phases, your friends know the real you and love it. Through ups and downs in your life, you are still you.

4. You have your own path in life. Do not look to someone else for how you should look and feel. Your life is perfectly tailored to you. Make things happen for you, not for normality. 5. You are not your parents. Love them, appreciate them, respect them. But you don’t have to think everything they do or even like the way they act. You are your own person.

6. Everything in life is a blessing. Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.

7. Take care of your mind and body. Eat clean, be active, find ways to clear your mind. Yoga, running, surfing will teach you valuable things. When you feed yourself well, you feel well.

8. Keep things short and sweet. Say what you have to say, be who you are how you are, love uncontrollably, take risks, be brave, don’t hurt yourself of others, just take in every bit of life. ♡

Tarzan is my dream boy 🌞🌴🐒

We go out and live out loud because the here and now is all we've got

Restless between adventures ✈️

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